Pre order your team cubicle shirts today!

Let's get things rolling!  Pre-order your team cubicle shirts today for $25 each!  Sizes S-XXL and available in both Men's and Women's!

Team cubicle shirts will cost about $10 each to print...which means that when you buy a shirt, you're making a $15 donation to the American Heart Association!

Yes, these puppies are bright red, moisture wicking bad asses and for a fantastic cause!  All profits from team cubicle shirts will go towards my fund raising goal for this year's Chicago Marathon! 

Here are the mock ups (some folks want the "sexy buff" tag line on the shirts, others do not...I went with out it, unless there is a HUGE outcry for it.)

For the guys...

For the ladies...

Order your shirts today and show your support for a fantastic cause!

Please note: Shirts will not be shipped until a minimum number have been pre ordered.  You will receive email notification when the order will be sent for printing, and when your order will be shipped. 

All shirts that need to be shipped will be shipped via USPS flat rate shipping at a charge of $4.95.

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