lyric of the week

Hoyt Axton

Beelzebub's laugther
"Playgrounds, popcorn and pink cotton candy
Disneyland daytimes dance in the eyes
of freckle-faced, t-shirted, milk-drinking babies
who never have ever seen fire in the skies
and I hope they never will"

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David Allan Coe

Need a Little Time off (for Bad Behavior) 

"I'm up and gone at the crack of dawn / I've been working like a regular dog / to keep the woman and the lights and water and the phone turned on / I've been saying "yes sir" all day at work / I've been saying "yes ma'am" at home / storing up the cuss words and keeping them under my tongue / I need a little time off for bad behavior / the devil in me done been asleep too long..."

Koonda Holaa

"Point Your Finger"

"I was not born for lying
I don't fit in the smart pants
but even without trying
I sink to the bottom
of the sadness of man
I have great practice in crying
out there is a world I don't understand..."

Blake Mills
"It'll All Work Out"

I don't feel a speck of hate
really now I'm trying to get my story straight
when you called me from the car when you were on your way
with your friend from San Francisco
that you told me was gay
well I guess he was a closet-straight
get it all out now
it'll work out

my mother was the youngest child
college education was never her style
but she knew just how to make a quarterback smile
it'll all work out

my father loved us right
stayed up at night trying to keep the
check book tighter than a ducks ass
going down a water slide
oh I know he tried
became a victim of the mortgage spike
collections calling every night since 1999
in ten more years you'd think the interest rates decline
it'll all work out

Blake Mills' Daytrotter Session

Paul Simon
"I Do It For Your Love"

We were married on a rainy day
The sky was yellow
And the grass was gray
We signed the papers
And we drove away
I do it for your love

The rooms were musty
And the pipes were old
All that winter we shared a cold
Drank all the orange juice
That we could hold
I do it for your love

Found a rug
In an old junk shop
And I brought it home to you
Along the way the colors ran
The orange bled the blue

The sting of reason
The splash of tears
The northern and the southern
Love emerges and it disappears
I do it for your love
I do it for your love

Bill Anderson
"My Life (throw it away if I want to)"

I've tried to plant my feet and stay with you
but all I feel is roots grow
and what man wants a woman
who won't satisfy his heart and soothe his ego

I sleep all day and run all night
and you tell me that ain't right
That ain't what the husbands of your friends do
But it's my life and I'll throw it away if I want to

Blaze Foley
"Rainbows and Ridges"

"Interstate highways and buses and planes

they only take horses down memory lanes

if everything passes what past will remain"

Roger Miller
 "Lou's Got The Flu"
"Some people (are) bad and some people (are) good.
Too bad the bad can't be like the good
but everything changes a little as it should
good ain't forever and bad ain't for good"

Jimmy Cousins "I believe that a fool has got more sense than the wisest sages, cause a fool does just what he's cut out for and never gets in no cages, my life story got wrote by the good Lord and I'm just turning the pages, striking out for a home where the road becomes the sky" Fools and Sages