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Apparently in Adelaide they have "Shark Problems" - we were not allowed to dangle limbs over the side or swim between races!

We even found one in the bar!

5th May

Another month has flown past!

Following on from their States win, Nicole and Rob have had a little bit of media coverage. See the Media Coverage Page for more details.

31st March


Team Chukkel have been busy in the boat together and with their other sailing.

On the Easter weekend they held on to their NSW crown for the 3rd year running over the 50 boat fleet in a tough series. 

Rob competed in the Laser Masters Worlds in February finishing 12th after some great races, and some not so lucky races!

Nicole has done Geelong Week, the Adelaide to Lincoln Race, Lincoln Week - trained with the Yngling Girls who are on their way to Beijing and joined Katie Spithill's Match Racing Team so far this year. Katie's team, now known as the "Wot Chicks" heads to Spain in 20 days, and Nicole is excited to be joining them for her first Match Racing regatta.

Media Releases will be added to the site asap.

Team Chukkel will have a break from sailing together over the winter, before training up for their next Nationals to be held out of McCrae, Victoria over the Xmas/New Year period.

That's all for now.

See you on the water!  

17th February

Here on the Central Coast after Day 1 of the Laser Masters Worlds.
Only the Laser Radials managed to get a race in.

The Full Rigs started a race, but it just wasn't meant to be.

Up here on a coach boat before heading to Adelaide for the Adelaide to Lincoln Race - Team Chukkel are looking forward to getting back into the Tasar on the 1st March on my return for the Bethwaite Series at Woollahra.

See you on the water!

4th January

Well we just sailed brilliantly yesterday.

We started like we were supposed to and finally Team Chukkel decided to show a bit of their spark out on the water.

Breezy to begin with we got an awesome start and did a left hand approach to the mark, rounding in 2nd.  Down the reaches we quickly got into the groove behind Gwen and Derek Warne, and what a ride it was!!!

Back up the next work and we did our best to catch up Derek without losing Craig McPhee who was hot on our heals. But we never did. Martin and Rick squeezed in up the last work to take 3rd away from McPhee.

Next start (all starts yest. were black flags btw.) - we nailed it again, but didn't sail a brilliant first work.  We rounded in about 15th. Passed 5 boats down the first reach which was awesome - round the wing mark and it all got hectic.  The majority headed towards a mark in the distance (including us) - I noticed that it was a red mark and we headed back to our mark, rounding in about 15th again with all the competitors that we needed to beat still heading off in the wrong direction. We eventually caught up to 6th.

The last race, the breeze died considerably - Chukkel dodgy weather.

We could have shot the pin at the start, but we wanted to be on port and knew it would take ages to get out, so we gybed around, took sterns and headed out on port - all but laying the top mark.  We rounded in second behind Derek again - but we did a better rounding, sailed over the top of them and that is where we stayed for the rest of the race - increasing our lead quite significantly each leg.

So where does that leave us going into the last day???

In second... so all we need to do today is sail!!!  Looks like we are first at the moment because the second drop is not in effect - that is where we drop our next worst score.

We can't be beaten for third which is a lot better then what could have happened yesterday morning. The Ridgways didn't measure yesterday either, so they may be blown out.  We will have to see what happens!!!

Yet again!

Keep an eye on the results and I will keep you posted when I can!

Nic ox


3rd January

Summary from yesterday - we are bloody fast... because we keep starting behind everybody and still eventually fight back to 4th or 3rd. The entire standard of the fleet has gone up, so it is tougher to fight your way out of a bad start and you just can't make mistakes.

SO - all we can do today is go out and do it all again!

See what happens as always.... we are sailing noticeabley fast, and nailing the shifts, they are just getting more clear air than us for longer and of course that will make a difference!

Talk soon


2nd January


Well only two races have been held so far... that's right we are in to day three of racing today with 7 races to go in the series which means we are still in the early stages of the regatta!!!!

Finally this morning there is some breeze about. Racing on NYE was called off due to a lack of wind.

So lets hope that all the bits on the boat stay together and we are in with a shot - Dad and I will be aiming to do our best as always today and we will just have to see if that is good enough!

Talk soon with the details of today.

Have some great pics will aim to get them up this arvo. Also a Dash for cash today, so I might take my camera out on that one!

Lets see what happens!

Nic ox


30th December

Hey guys!

Well it's the evening after the first day of real racing.

We did fantastically! A fourth in the first race - and a third in the second race - which was particularly awesome because we got ourselves out of a scary start.  Mind you the first start was a bit scary when we didn't lay the pin and then gybed out tp start on port!!!

We are sitting in equal first with the Ridgways.

Unfortunately we have lost a mate for the time being. Craig McPhee thought he had buoy room at the wing mark (we have three witnesses who saw otherwise) so he is maturely not talking to us (apart from telling us he has lost all respect for us...)

Oh well - so the game begins I guess! Wish it didnt have to be that way but it is, so we will just sail on!

I am writing to you now because we are locked out of our cabin! Quite hilarious really. I am just glad that it cools off here when it is dark!

Have to make special mention of Michael and Maurise on Trouble who sailed their socks off today! Was awesome!

So tomorrow the race has been postponed (a little unlucky as it is supposed to be howling in the morning) - the start boat broke down today!

Ah well!!! 

If we do our best tomorrow we should get more of the same!

So just hope for that for us!

We will see what happens!

Happy New Year if I dont get a chance to right tomorrow!


29th December

Sitting here looking out over the water yet again...

The practice race is on today :)

We will have to see what happens - we have done the work, we are ready to go... we just need to hope that it all turns out for the best. That we approach every start with courage, every mark rounding with composure, and every finish with contentment :) or massive excitement I wouldn't mind that either!

I will report back this arvo with the details :)

Nic ox

28th December

Yay!  A wireless internet connection has been found at the club! Fantastic!

I am sitting on a hill behind the cabin that we are staying in - I can pick the Sailing Club Wireless up from here so it seems - possibly because it is about 50 metres from me, over a wire fence of course.

The accommodation is so close - as you can probably guess from the above, it is awesome!

Back to the sailing!

Today is measurement day - so we will weigh in and check all is ok with the Chukkel :)

We also have to weigh ourselves sadly, so that will be the moment of truth!

Come to Adelaide for blustery winds they say - the most wind we have had was yesterday arvo - 10 to 13 kts from the south westish...  "It's never like this" - why do I hear that everywhere that I go!!!??

Anyways! Until yesterday it was a pretty lonely place around here, everyone decided to show up at once. Was pretty funny really.  SBD - Ridgways have rocked up with a coach boat, so will be interesting to see how they go on the race course.

The link to the results is up to the left of this column - under important links!

Good news also is that the Pink Ladies event got coverage in Australian Sailing! Woop woop!

So awesome!

That's all for now - as always Dad and I are in gear and ready to just get out there and see what happens!



23rd December

Here in Hay on our way to the Nationals.

Grandmas B'day today! Happy Birthday!!!
Boats were all packed up and we arrived here after a fairly easy trip at about 8pm. By tomorrow arvo we will be sailing from Adelaide Sailing Club!

In case I can't get an internet connection straight away - Merry Christmas!!!

20th December

We leave on Sunday for the Nationals - it has all been flat out for the past few weeks.  I did SIRS last weekend up in Sydney, so the Tasar was side lined a bit.

The weekend before that (8th and 9th) we raced out of Dobroyd and Woollahra. Great weekend to test the skills.

I am home now for an early Christmas, great to not be working - love being outside, but having a rest is great too!

I will be updating this site over the next two days so that it is all up to date before the Nationals - so stay tuned!

Bye for now!


10th December

Well not long to go now until our Nationals.

Since the last post we have driven to SA - it was blown out and we were the only boat to get on the water!

We have travelled up to the Belmont Bethwaite Series, and come 3rd because we got a little trigger happy off the start line (and one of the races we won was abandoned - the day after we sailed it as it was over the time limit).

We have sailed at Speers Point, and gone through a bit of a rough patch - to win down at the ACT State Titles (3,2,1).  We are definitely starting to peak and are back in force as Team Chukkel!

We had a cracker of a weekend on the 1st and 2nd down south - the 2nd was the best sail I have had in so long. One of the sails you live for.  No racing, just going fast in an awesome noreaster on a stunner of a day out on the ocean!

Awesome!!! The weekend just gone we sailed all day at Dobroyd on Sat and then all day at Woollahra on Sunday.  I arrived in style on Sunday when traks dropped me off from training on the Yngling. Have been doing quite a bit of work on the Yngling and will be doing SIRS before we go to Adelaide.

See my site for more details:

Next weekend Team Chukkel will sail around SIRS and then the following weekend we are off to Adelaide!

I will try to keep you updated as often as possible!

Nic :)

29th October

Well kids - on the road again!

We will be heading to Rivoli Bay SA for the State Champs down there on Wednesday.  About time we did some travelling!

Really we are just going for the Lobster! No not really! We are taking Scribbel down - as we start wearing our way back into the training groove and we will just have to see what we can do down there :) and eat some lobster at the same time!

On the weekend we had the Ahoy Pink Ladies event on the Saturday and did some training on the Sunday out of Woollahra. Was a great weekend!

Now I havent told the whale story hear...

Hmmm go HERE for the story about last weekend!

That's all for now!

Hope to see you on the water!


9th October

Summer is back! The boat has come out of the garage and is happy to be getting wet on the weekends!

Rob is also training for the Laser Masters Worlds that will be in Terrigal in Feb 2008 - so when I am not around, look for a little white sail out Ulladulla Harbour.

I have started a new job with East Coast Sailing in Sydney - after my stint down at the snow (I skiied 66 days in a row straight after Thailand!). So I will be in Sydney a bit more now. Was great to have a break from sailing - I had 10 weeks off which is the longest break I have had since just after the Canadian Worlds in 2003.

I went for a sail out of Balmoral this arvo for a bit of a blast in a nice southerly. loving being back in the boat.

We won the Jervis Bay Regatta on the October Long Weekend, which was our first time back in the boat.  Was great to see that everything was still working!

Anyways, that is all for now! Keep an eye here for our progress updates on Adelaide!

Talk soon!

14th July

Two more nights in paradise...

In the end we just fell short of the World Championship by 2 points.

We went into the last day of racing on equal points, after heat 8 we were still on equal points - and McKee just didn't make a mistake.

There is a bit of disappointment because we were certainly capable of winning (hindsight is a terrible thing sometimes), but we still sailed brilliantly in such professional company that I am proud of our result.

Thanks so much for all your support - it meant the world to us.

I am heading straight to the snow when I get home for a bit of a change.

Lots of Love


10th July

Keep wishing guys!  Just back from the briefing and they are going to try for two races today.  We need to sail our best, and get a race in!!!  We go into the last day in second but equal points and third is six points behind.

Will fill you in asap!!!

There's Only 1 Team Chukkel

9th July Arvo

Ok guys...

This is a mass call out.

We raced this morning and came 3rd.

It was a great result, but not quite good enough.

Now we are equal first, and we have to race tomorrow or we will get second on a countback.

So cross everything have because we have to get out there to win!

Tell everyone you know!

They need to focus on that!



See what happens!

9th July

Back to the racing today after a restful lay day (day off)...

Have put some pics in the gallery, including one of the storm - and there is also a link to media related to the Worlds now in the Media Centre (direct link on the left).

Anyways, pouring and howling at the moment...  breakfast soon and then we will see if they send us out.

Keep your fingers crossed that we keep our heads on and keep doing what we have trained for (and have been doing)!  Two more great races today would be awesome :)

See what happens!!!

8th July

Lay Day...

Seeing as I never sleep in, I am here to let you all know what went on yesterday!

We headed out on the water in some gorgeous sun - that soon changed as a storm came over the island.  We prepared ourselves, gave our water to the pin boat so we wouldn't lose it and rolled the boat in - aka capsized to protect the rig and spas.  With the breeze up we just had to make sure that the boat stayed together for the racing.

Once the storm had passed (breeze at 35 knots and apparently rain, however I didn't notice), we got up to race in 20 with a massive swell left over from the strom. 

We were a bit shakey when the start got away, we almost missed the previous start which was postponed.  Getting back into the groove, we worked our way through the pack - the first after the majority of the fleet got a good start, and lead around the top mark.  We held the lead until the end.

The second race we were third around the top mark after a bad start and a massive left hander which we managed to get on the right side of.  20 knots of breeze on the first reach and were in second just past the bottom mark - it was heart breaking when Jon McKee got a second penalty 42 warning and was DSQed from the race right in front of us...  we had to keep racing.

We got to within a boat length of Brett Young - but he won the race giving us a 1st and a 2nd for the day.  Still had the best score card of all the fleet so all is going well.

Will post some pictures later on today.

Keep the luck coming :) and we will see what happens!

7th July

The 7th of the 7th of the 7th!

Well we just had an awesome day yesterday - what can I say. 

Check out the results and Worlds home page through the links on the left to see what went on. 

First race was windy and we were just sailing really well together.  Great to know our work pays off.

McKee had an OCS (On course side - or over at start in English) for the second race, and didn't know until the end, we did beat him across the line so saved the race committee from not having to blow a horn.  We only took the lead from him down the second last leg - a run, and only led around that one mark...  We learned a few things in terms of match racing from him the day before and so just made sure we stayed with him.

Thanks for all the texts, emails and from N&J the call - we are motivated, but it is great to have so many others to get a little bit of energy from - it adds up to a lot!

Windy again this morning, I am no local, however, I think the monsoon might be settling in... we will just have to get out there and....

I am sure you know what is coming -

See what happens!!!

Love from Land of Thai 

6th July

Awesome racing yesterday guys!

Ended up being a match race between McKee and us - results and daily reports are on the Tasar Worlds site.

Just have to get out there, go hard, have fun and see what happens today!

Will post more when I have a bit of time - early race today!

Congrats to Sarah and Andrew and baby Benjamin Robert Foote :)

5th July

Everyone says arrrrrrrrrrr!!!  At breakfast!

Team Chukkel is back together again, B is back from Bangkok - the first heat starts at 1100 CST which is 1400 EST!!!

Very solid 5th in the practice race...  so will see what happens today!

3 races, and will be hot and tough out there.

McKee is sailing smart.  Had a funny incidence at the bottom mark with him yesterday which was exactly the same as the Canadian Worlds, so we just laughed and laughed and then kept sailing.

I have some video from the last work, so I will get it on the gallery page when I get time!

Just had fun with the race.

Dad's neck is sore today, so we will just have to do what we do - give more than 100% and enjoy every minute on the water!

Talk soon!

Good luck Sarah (she is having a baby today - all our love oxoxoxo

4th July

Invitation Race today.

We have to be at the event media conference at 9.00am.

All systems go!

This morning we all have our new Team Chukkel shirts on, and we are looking forward to getting out there and seeing how everyone will go on the water :)  Will let you know what happens on the water! 

2nd July

Measurement today... We know what sails/boards etc we are going to measure in with, just thinking about the mast.

We were going to have a day off yesterday, but went out for an hour just to see the tide change.

Mum and the girls got here on the 30th after a long transit, B is now in Bangkok with B and having an awesome time.

All competitors are here now, as the last load of boats will come out of the containers this morning!

Starting to feel more like a regatta that is for sure!

John McKee was at breakky this morning - I haven t seen him since the Canadian Worlds so that was interesting :)

Our Villa is great because we can hide away from everyone and have a break when we need to... the breakfasts are simply insane.  Everything you can think of and more... Not too much food around that I am willing to risk eating (if you know me, you know I am allergic to the world, so being careful before I race for sure!!!)


Dad and I are both as fit as we can be - so we just have to keep our heads in order now...  ahhh the psychology of sport...  I should really finish off my book!

Moving right along!

I will put some more pics up in a second so have a look in the gallery.

I best get moving, I can feel the butterflies building as I am writing this... 

We can only see what happens!!!

Love from Paradise!

30th July

Into our second week here in Phuket today!

Still beautiful, we can get ourselves through a conversation and we have spent quite a bit of time on the water. is the event website, so make sure you check that out - we have gotten a few mentions on there too, seems to happen when you are the first one here.

We are going to have a bit of a relax today which will be nice... 

Mum and the girls are stuck in Sydney after there plane broke down yesterday - they were meant to be here last night.

Hopefully they will get on a flight some time today...

I will keep you all up to date.

We have moved into the Villa now, which is 2 bedroom/2 bathroom and simply awesome!!!

I will update the gallery later tonight while I am waiting for Mum and the girls to get here.

Thanks for all the emails, keep them coming!!!

Love Nic

27th July

ahhhhhh the warmth!  After our last sail in Aus in a freezing South westerly I really didn't want to get wet - but the first wave over my head was like a warm bath and I have been hooked ever since!

Yes we are here and settled and even attempting to learn Thai!  The people are beautiful.

Chukkel has been for her first Asian sail and we are getting to know the water around Cape Panwa on the South East tip of Phuket Island.  The website for where we are staying is

It looks just like the pcitures, I will put some of my own up in the gallery

Just a quick check in today, as I need to get out on the water (what else is new!)

Mum and the girls get here on Friday, so will be great to see them!

Talk soon!


19 June

Well!  What wild weather!

Definitely no sailing today, small boat warning...  hmmm that could be us!

Packing and final planning is underway before we set of to Thailand.

When you start to countdown from about ten days, it seems that suddenly you see all the things that need to be done...

Under control, thinking about phrase books, adapters and making sure I can find an internet connection at the moment!

Looks like there will be wireless in the foyer so I will be able to keep you all up to date :)

That is all for tonight - thanks to everyone who has sent their well wishes, all good luck is really appreciated!!!

If you want me to put a message up on the site, let me know!

I will post again once I am in Phuket!!!


22nd May

Since the last entry...  quite a bit has been going on.

Not long until we leave now - all the boats that are going from Australia are in their containers.  NSW packed up on Monday the 14th, and VICs packed on Sat 19th.  The SAs and NTers went to either state to pack.

To see pictures go to the NSW Gallery - NSW Image Gallery - Worlds Collection

I Like Chukkel - but my goodness it was the biggest relief to get her into the container!

Taking the trophy off the mantle - where it has been for the past two years - to put it in the container was a bit emotional I have to say.  Now it's all wrapped in bubble wrap, and on it's way to the tropics.  I told it that it is more than welcome to come 'home' with me too!

So much planning, and organising.  Dad got the carnays sorted so that we could all actually get our boats to Thailand, and I was his PA and tried to make sure that all of our gear would be in order.  Dad also did a lot of rigging... so we have some decent spares if need be.

A big thanks to Zhik, all our new gear went in the container :)

We sent our brand new sail back to McDiarmid, needed some serious repair, so we wont see it until Thailand.

Last weekend we were on the water at Woollahra both days, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning - the same pattern that we have had for the past three weekends.

Good to be out on the harbour early and still have some of the weekend left over.

 Training is going well...  at a point where I feel that I am learning a bunch... or rather that knowledge is starting to click with practice.  I also went to Doyles on Tuesday night for a sail making chat, was great to see everything from that aspect.

Hmmmm that is all for now.

Will be interesting to see how everything unfolds...  word has started on the forums.

All of this happened in the lead up for Darwin, but I wasn't as aware of the greater sailing world then.

In the past two years so much has changed...  but stayed within the same parameters.

We can only see what happens, and do our best to work with what opportunities we get.


9th May

Well Saturday racing at Balmoral saw 20 Tasars take to the water.
19 of us managed to make the start (Rossco was seen floating around the heads somewhere...)!
A challenge on the water to say the least! 3 races in drift to 4 knot conditions. Overall Mr Jeff Mepham (who had done all Phukketers the great service of getting us measured that very morning) did was the best performer of the day with my own personal crew of choice Gary Foley!
Thanks to Stu T who did a great seminar on Starting for all before we hit the water. 
ACT, VIC and SA all had representatives on the water for what could possibly be the last decent fleet we have before Phuket.

We didn't sail our best, combination of new sails, stress over losing the car key of all things, me being sick and really just not being focussed.  In the first race, Daz went from last to first on the run, so the wind was as loopy as we were.  We were trialling a new way of tacking, but the jury is out on that one.

Sunday we had a great day of training on the harbour - we were on the water 8.30 and had it to ourselves for at least and hour which was fantastic!  We worked back into our own little groove and were able to brush off the performance of the day before.  A great tacking duel, and the little Scrib did us proud...

That's all for now!

Just keep hoping that I can shift this weight, no matter how much I increase my output and drop the input, seems my body is quite happy staying the way it is!

Boats get packed up on Monday which will be interesting!



3rd May

60 days until to Phuket...

Not long at all!

Check out the latest in the Image Gallery - HERE

See you on the Water!

30th April

Time flies!!!

Closing day for entries for Phuket today.

The McKees finally officially entered as was expected back at Christmas yesterday - so this will make things interesting.
(McKee as in dual Olympic medalist for the USA, professional sailor and Americas Cup trimmer)

Next weekend we are racing out of Balmoral, with measurement for Phuket from 9am.

I think we will get about 15 boats minimum - which will be a great chance to have a bit of boat handling and start practice before we fly to Thailand - in 2 months!!!  :)

Anyway - if you want to see the entry list you should Click Here

Last weekend we raced down at Batemans Bay for the ANZAC Regatta.  We sailed pretty well, but in the light marginal planing conditions, our weight could not compete with the speed of Rick Longbottom and daughter Carmen, who were 25kg less than us.  We only took one heat win, in the afternoon on Sunday when a bit more puff managed to give us a break.  Coming second to them was such de je vu.  Ten years earlier, it was my first regatta with Dad - where we managed to steal the event from Martin Linsley - primarily due to our lack of weight.  So the passing of ANZAC Day this week, also marked 10 years of sailing Tasars... quite a milestone!  Will be interesting to see what Carmen does with her sailing.

Will let you know how the racing goes on the weekend!

See what happens me thinks!

11th April

Back from the States, and we managed to defend the Title again this year. 

So can still say that we are State, National and World Champions.

For the link to the Tasar Association of NSW Results Page: CLICK HERE

Was full on with the organisation of the event added to the pressures already on you when you are trying to race - so I am really happy with how we went.

All is on for the Worlds.  Competition was definitely heated at the States with 5 different heat winners - we were the only multiple heat winner.

It was great to have that competition, something that has been missing for the last 6 months in our training.

And train we must with the worlds just around the corner...

The best of the best will be there, Brett Young (Professional) and Kevin Kellow will be training effectively full time for the event (quite possibly the favourites to win at this point in time), the Yanks will be there, and some light and fast Japs - so Phuket will definitely be a battle.

No one can see what is ahead, but we will approach the worlds with our best effort  - determination - patience (and have fun along the way!!)- and as I always say, see what happens - for that is all we can do. 

1st April

A new month and five sleeps until the start of the State Titles.

Sailing at Balmoral on the weekend was great, the last time Scribbel will be on the water, Chukkel came out of the garage this afternoon to get the Perth tape off her and fix up a few things.

Quirky was out again in new boat Trouble with Maurise, and we had a good tussle with Hugh Tait on his NS14 as well.  During the week one of Dad's old mates Glenn Bourke bought 2606, so will be good to see him on the water in the coming months as well :)

We also went to Zhik and Bethwaite this morning to pick up some gear for us as well as some prizes for the States.  Was great to see a picture of us on the wall in Zhik after the Perth Nationals!   Some great new beannies and thermals will be seen at the States!!!

Dad is race secretary for NSW and I am his secretary and vice social sec. so there will be a bit of work involved for us.

Hopefully we can keep being professional and leave that on the shore when we go sailing.  Will be a good test for our mental toughness!


Sleep needed before an early start!

Will let you know how all goes!

Let's see what happens!

20th March

Wow it has been a while since I updated you all!

Sorry about that  - training is well and truly on a roll.

Racing on both days on the weekend, I will put some effort into the results pages as soon as humanly possible so you can see how we have been going.

We won the Northbridge Travellers Trophy on Sunday by 7 mins and 44 secs.

A decent effort.

Dad and I have almost been back in the boat together for a month, the first day being on the 24th of February at the Bethwaite Series.  We won 6 out of seven heats, and gave ourselves penalties for each race to give ourselves a challenge.  We won the regatta cleanly.

Club Marine has come through for our next set of sails, Wangi is just around the corner to give us the chance to defend our State Titles, and my weight loss has been in gear for 3 weeks.  Only one kg to go to be at States racing weight, so it has been hard yakka.  About 4kg down, and feeling fit!!!

Anyways!  Best get to it, ATC Newsletter articles to write!!!

31st January

After having a break from each other (Rob went to NZ for a holiday and Nicole did Sail Melbourne and Skandia Week), the Dougli will be getting back into the Tasar on the weekend. 

Planning will commence on Saturday for the campaign leading up the the Worlds.

Back in training!

Look out!

See you on the water!

8th January 2007

The Dougli are home with big smiles on their faces!

Sorry for not updating you all, but hopefully you were able to see the link to the results.

We are back in NSW as of yesterday and are very happy that we were able to drop our second to win the Tasar Nationals for the 3rd year in a row.

Heat 7 was sailed on Melville Water West in a blustery and cold southerly, and Heat 8 was a windier repeat of the same conditions.

We were able to celebrate on the 4th, after knowing that we were unbeatable with a heat to spare.

I will put pictures up this afternoon!

Thanks to everyone who has been behind us, Mum, Kate and B and all of our sponsors (Zhik and Club Marine) for their continued support that has gotten us to where we are today.  A huge thanks to RPYC for hosting the event, which is one of the best I have been to, and to all our competitors who were there to get out on the water with us.

Talk soon


3rd January 2007

Three heats have been sailed since I last posted.  (Heats 5 and 6)

One yesterday and two this morning.

We were lucky enough to win all three of them.

The results page, or links below will take you to the Perth Nationals website.

Yesterday ended up being light to moderate and shifty, and today was a tricky southerly that none of the locals had ever experienced!

We managed to do really well today, which was a good feeling.

Two races to go now, so will have to see what happens!

A massive cyclone moved down the coast today, which is what has been affecting the weather.

Meant to be a large storm tonight due to an intense low pressure system left over from the tropical cyclone.

Will make things interesting to be sure!

Hopefully all goes well!

Will get back to you ASAP.

2nd January 2007

Heading out in the rain today for race 4 of the Nationals.

Looks like it will be very different to the first few days of racing, so will have to see what happens!

I will keep you posted!

1st January 2007

Happy New Year!

Race 3 was yesterday afternoon, starting off with about 12-15 and building to around 15-18 as the Doctor kicked in.

Had a conservative start and worked our way back to take the lead at the last mark (of a windward leeward course).

Dave and Doris B got us back half way up the last work, but we played the second half well - and in the greater breeze we were able to pull away and take another win.

The full provisional results are now available on the Perth Nationals home page.

You can see them HERE

Racing resumes tomorrow at 1pm, with only 10-20 forecast it will be an interesting race.

The fleet has been very competitive and tightly knit which makes for great racing.

Special mention to Derick and Gwen Warne who lost a whole rig on the 30th and managed to come back with borrowed gear to have 4th yesterday arvo.  Dave B was instumental in getting him back on the water, and got a second place after his own mishaps on the Thursday!

Will keep this site up to date.

Have to see how we go tomorrow!

Welcome 2007 :)

30th December #2

Race 1 and 2 are over.

We got a close second, and a bullet for the last one which was great.

Great breeze, great people - just have to put it all together again tomorrow.

Pray for no breakages, was a bit breezy in the second race.

We are sailing well so far, just need to keep the heads in gear.

30th December

Practice race yesterday, race 1 and 2 today!

Wrap Up of the Practice Race!

28th December

Had our third sail in Perth today, had a little issue with the bottom mast yesterday, but think we have it under control now.

Weighed and measured this afternoon, so dry here that everything was ready to be weighed after a lunch time sail.

Bow number goes on tomorrow - 15!

We almost sailed to Fremantle today, however, turned back when the wind started honking in - good free the mind up sail!

Practice race tomorrow, so will see what happens :)

Will have more news as it comes!

25th December

Merry Christmas!

Off to Perth via Sydney today, had a little sail yesterday and worked a few things out - which was great.

We had our Christmas yesterday, so I feel like I get two this year!

Details will be posted when they are available - now we must head West!

21st December

5 days to go until the Nationals start getting under way!

I have been told that there is wireless internet at the club, and I will have it at the hotel - so will do my best to keep you all updated!

Boat is in Perth!  15th December

The boat has arrived in Perth as of yesterday 14th December, so hopefully the trip across was as safe as possible!

Packing the Container 11th December

All done and gone!  More pics will be in the gallery soon.  Thanks to all who helped out!

9th and 10th December

Bethwaite Series at Woollahra.

We managed to win 6 of the 7 heats sailed.

We opted out of the last race yesterday, due to packing today, and didn't want to hurt ourselves or the boat.

Was a great ride, some of the reaches yesterday were crazy!  At least the wind strength helped us to deal with the washing machine effect in the Harbour!

Was fantastic to have Helen Impey back on the water - on Saturday with Ruth McCance (my Yngling crew showing me how it's done), and on Sunday with Andrew Foulkes of the Dodgy boat.

After initially being scored as 29ers, who started 10 minutes in front of us, the results were amended today (11/12/06) and we did in fact win the regatta with our race to spare.  They are all fixed now in the "FINAL" results!

3rd December

The NSW Short Course Championships were held on Saturday the 2nd December at Balmoral Sailing Club.

6 races, of which 5 were counted (the 6th race was disregarded due to a rather large thunderhead that sent most of the fleet back to the beach).

It was tough work, with trainagle and double windwatd leeward course, the multiple tests emphasised the areas that we need to work on.  Nev was out for the day, so we had a few extra challenges, like starting 20 to 30 seconds behind the fleet, or doing voluntary 360's to get back into the fleet and fight our way out.

We managed to win 5 of the 6 races.

Results will be posted as soon as they are available.

See the image gallery for pics!

2nd December

Blues Awards dinner was great.

Nicole received her award with Andrea, Bronwyn and Rob present for the proceedings.

Hugh Tait and Mark Holding, who also sat on the Chukkel table shared the title of Sportsperson of the Year.


27th November

The ACT Titles were fantastic on the weekend.

The most consistent breeze I have ever experienced down there.

The locals were fantastic, and it looks like some will be coming to next weekend's Short Course Championship as well as the Bethwaite Series which will be the weekend after.

Looking forward to more time on the water this weekend at Balmoral.

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