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Teamwork is arguably the best indicator of productivity in the workplace. While quantifying it may be difficult, promoting it is super easy (and fun!) Escape rooms offer some of the best team building experiences out there. In short, all the elements of working together under pressure are there: deadlines (see that timer counting down?), mental exercise, different angles, effective communication, details vs. the big picture, and how to get along. So how do you find the best team building escape room?

Team Building Escape Room Games

What sets ConTRAPtions apart

If you’re a corporation, non-profit, school, or volunteer group searching for a great team building escape room in Fort Collins, what do you look for? Here’s why ConTRAPtions stands apart from the crowd when it comes to team building:

1. Capacity. To start, our two rooms can accommodate groups of 20 playing at one time, and even a couple extra. In a few months, our third room will increase that number to 30.

2. Space. We’re located right on College Ave, with plenty of parking nearby, ground level rooms, and a spacious lobby to boot. Our building capacity allows for 50 people at once, so half the group can play the rooms while the other half can eat lunch, present material, or just mingle and network.

3. Flexibility. We are always willing to allot half a day to an event, or open up time slots outside normal hours. Just contact us for options!

4. Setup. Our lobby is equipped with a large screen TV that has HDMI and USB hookups for all your audio-visual needs. Additionally, we can arrange tables and chairs for larger groups, and help with food setup for on site lunches or refreshments. While we do not cater or provide the food, we do have your setup covered!

5. A sneak behind the curtain. Educational groups get the informative on how our tech works, and corporate managers get to sit and watch their staff scramble to solve their way out! Team leaders and sports coaches alike have enjoyed the observational entertainment to be found in spades at our game master’s consul. Furthermore, it also provides them with valuable insight on their team dynamics. Who jumps in, who notices things others miss, who organizes people and clues, who goofs off? Book your team now and come find out! What you discover might surprise you. Or maybe it won’t, but you got some good laughs:)

So what are you waiting for?

For more information, visit our Team Building page to see if ConTRAPtions is the right choice for your next team building event or staff conference. Come see why we’re the best Fort Collins team building escape room. We do our best to impress, but don’t take our word for it. Over 50 corporate groups have chosen us for their team builders. These include HP, Woodward, Otterbox, Cisco, UCHealth, CSU, Cabela’s, City of Fort Collins, and even the Girl Scouts, to name a few. We’d like to give a huge thank you to all the groups that have enjoyed building their teams at our venue.

We look forward to hosting your next event!

| Another Escape Room Proposal at ConTRAPtions!

A second round of romance came our way last month with another escape room proposal at ConTRAPtions! We were honored to help Joel orchestrate a fantastic surprise for his bride-to-be, LeAnne.

And what a job he did! He selected a custom riddle for the couple’s keepsake version of the Tiger’s Eye diamond, composed a touching note, and picked the proposal song. To top it off, he even gave the flower shop the dimensions of the drawer where we hid their bouquet. Talk about planning! At the finish it was a beautifully carried out proposal indeed, with no suspicions on the part of his beloved.

Team Building Escape Room Games | ConTRAPtions Escape Rooms - CALL US NOW 970-226-3843

In on the fun

To add to the excitement, a close group of friends joined the couple. A few of them were in on the surprise, including their pals Nick and Ken. We gave Nick a sneak peak of the room to help ensure timing, and Ken was the secret photographer. Thank you Ken for letting us post some of your photos!

It came down to the wire, with the couple solving the last puzzle (ultimately the one that would reveal the proposal) with about 4 minutes left on the clock. In spite of the pressure, this group of friends worked very well together. As she opened the final drawer, LeAnne snatched the proposal note and began to read it out loud, thinking it was a clue, until she got to the ‘Will you marry me?’ part. Then came the moment of truth! Joel knelt down with the ring, and the rest was tears, laughs, and hugs. Another escape room proposal has joined the ranks of memorable engagements!

Congratulations Joel and LeAnne, may you be very blessed!

Team Building Escape Room Games

ConTRAPtions Coupons and Promo Codes

10 Ways to Save 10% at ConTRAPtions

Everyone loves a deal, so here’s the skinny on ConTRAPtions coupons and promo codes:

1. Students, your ID is your coupon!

Students save 10% as a retroactive discount on your booking when you show us your student ID before your game! Limit one discounted ticket per student ID shown.

2. Poudre District Library card holders, your card is your coupon!

We are proud to support the Poudre District Libraries by being part of the Flash Your Card program! Flash your library card when you show up for your game and get a retroactive 10% discount off your booking. Limit one discount per booking where a card is shown.

3. Large group discount

If you have 20 or more people and book both our rooms full for your group, you automatically qualify for our 10% large group discount. Contact us for more details!

Team Building Puzzles

4. Non profit groups

Is your company a non profit looking for a great team building activity? Book your team builder at ConTRAPtions and receive 10% discount off your entire booking. (When applicable please provide us with your 501(c)(3) number to qualify. This discount does not combine with the large group discount.)

5. School / educational groups

Are you a school or educational group looking for a great tech field trip? Book your class activity with ConTRAPtions and receive 10% off your entire booking. Groups that are interested can also get the full field trip experience, which includes a brief expo about how our technology works, both in our escape room and in the industrial world!

6. Senior discount

Senior citizens also qualify for a retroactive 10% discount. Limit one discounted ticket per senior in the group. (May be combined with the military discount, limit one combination per service member’s ticket.)

7. Military discount

Service members, we appreciate you! Please show us your military ID and get a retroactive 10% discount. Limit one discount per service member’s ticket.

8. Yelp check-in

Calling all Yelpers, check in to ConTRAPtions when you arrive and receive a retroactive 10% discount. Please show or email us a screenshot to confirm your check in. Limit one discounted ticket per check-in.

9. Facebook share

Share the love! When you share your group’s awesome game photo on your Facebook page, receive a retroactive 10% discount off your personal ticket. Limit one discounted ticket per share.

10. Go green and recycle your plastic gift cards

Have a used gift card from ConTRAPtions? Bring it back when you’re done with it and get 10% off your next booking. Reduce, reuse, recycle! Limit one discount per recycled card.

Spread the word and save at ConTRAPtions! We hope to see your group soon for a great time:)


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Team Building Escape Room Games | ConTRAPtions Escape Rooms - CALL US NOW 970-226-3843

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