Team Information

Team Axiom's aim is to cater for cyclists of all abilities and welcomes both new-comers to cycling as well as experienced riders. Team Axiom members have a huge wealth of knowledge of cycling, bike maintenance and training techniques and are keen to share their knowledge with new members.

Join Team Axiom if you want to join a club that:
  • Actively promotes cycle events for the benefit of all;
  • Has an active racing membership;
  • Organises lots of social rides and events;
  • Offers free team kit to younger cyclists;
  • Is open, friendly and embraces all forms of cycling;
  • Love to ride their bikes.
Where We Meet

Winter Club runs meet at 09:30 every Saturday morning in the car park at the Royal Armouries on Portsdown Hill. We also meet every Monday evening at a local hostelry around the area. To make things simple on the first Monday of every month, we meet at the Cob and Pen in Wallington.


Royal Armouries


Cob & Pen

Membership Details

There are two types of membership available - racing membership and social membership:
  • Racing membership allows you to compete in all CTT as well as Team Axiom Club events. Racing membership costs £30 per year.
  • Social membership is free. As a social member you are welcome to attend any of our social events or rides. You may be asked to support TA promotions though!
How to Join Us

You can join Team Axiom by contacting our membership secretary via email at:

Team Kit

Orders for team kit are taken by Tony and Tel a few times every year. If you need more kit, please get in touch with one of them, either on a club run or just put a message on the forum.