Welcome to the Neuroscience Web page. The goal of this website is to educate the audience about the different topics of Neuroscience, such as Alzheimer's, Autism, and how to increase the plasticity of the brain. In doing so, this website takes viewers into the areas of Alzheimer's symptoms, treatments, case studies of Autism, and the exercises of the brain.
    Alzheimer's has been a disease that has been traveling throughout the world for a long time. This website helps the viewers understand the history, treatment, and the symptoms of the disease. Autism is also a lifelong disease that affects the people from three years old and older. This disease affects the brain as much as Alzheimer's. As the viewers travel though Autism and the brain, you will see the areas that the topic covered. Different quizzes are provided at the end of every topic for your use. You will be able to test yourself to see how much information you have learned. Besided the quizzes, the viewers are provided with some fun games, like word searchs and flash cards. Optical illisions have been provided to see the diiferent parts of your brain. Enjoy the website that has been created for your use and your knowledge.