Practice by RIT and Skill Level

On this page your child can practice skills based on their individual RIT score, MCA Learning Locator number, or their Lexile range, depending on the site.    This site provides tons of math practice according to RIT level. Click on the site link, then choose the strands and RIT level that is most appropriate.  This site provides the same type of practice as the one above, but in reading.  This site has MAP test practice questions according to RIT level.  This is a great way to brush up on skills or to get ready for the test.  This is an online assessment preparation program our district purchased last year.  There is skill practice activities, tests, and games, all designed to increase academic skills in both reading and math.  Students have a username and password (many still have theirs from last year).  All topics consist of a lesson with a bank of practice questions with explanations.  The goal is to "pass" every one of approximately 30 topics related to state standards.   This site works in conjunction with the Minnesota Department of Education, and more specifically your child's MCAII results.  In each area, math and reading, your child has a "learning locator number".  All you need to do is simply plug your child's number in.  What you will get is online lessons and printable practice sheets that are customized to your child's needs.   Use your child's lexile range to find books on their own leel in specific genres and topics.  Students can sort through a wide range of subjects to narrow down the right book for them.