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July 18 - Team meeting + construction of field kit

posted Jul 18, 2011, 1:56 PM by Calvin Wong   [ updated Jul 21, 2011, 12:16 AM by Anthony DiSilvestre ]
Yesterday's team meeting consisted of the construction of the LEGO field kit , the discussion of our robot design, and the discussion of our STEM project.
The LEGO field kit was missing quite a few pieces, but Bryant, Anthony, and I were able to put together the moon rocks, helium 3 loops, ice/water loops, landing pad, craters, and most of the peak of eternal light.  Afterwards, we discussed some of the pros and cons of a few features of our robot design, working towards what parts would ultimately be most efficient in completing the robot's assigned tasks.  We took notes on Anthony's prototype robot build, and also discussed the possibility of more features using Bryant's.  Then, we discussed the composition of our STEM project: we distributed tasks for ourselves to complete as well as planned for the actual presentation that we would be giving.

-Calvin Wong

We assembled the field set in my garage yesterday!  After building the 10 loops, part of the POEL, part of the Lander, 39 crater ridges, and ~40 moon rocks, our team found that we were missing the following pieces:

From Water Loops:
6 10-Length Axles (we were given 6 8-Length Axles instead, which still work)

From POEL:
Missing 4 6x12 White Baseplates
Missing 6 6x12 Black Baseplates
The 4 corner pieces are also the incorrect color; should be white and not gray

From Landing Ramp:
Missing 8 6x12 Dark Gray Baseplates
Missing 2 6x12 Black Baseplates
Missing 8 4x10x1 Brick Tall Baseplates (for the feet)

We found that we have a surplus of 4x12 black baseplates, as well as around 25 extra gray 1x8 slopes (the ones used on the craters)  If you are from another team, please let us know what extra pieces you have/missing!

I sent an email to Moonbots admin detailing these missing parts.  We also noticed that by the POEL, there is a flat crater ridge.  We are wondering if those extra parts are meant to build that ridge!

With the 31st CAD deadline looming, we need to have more frequent meetings to begin our robot design!  I'm thinking about using last year's scripting program to aid us in programming...

Bryant :D

During this team meeting we committed most of our time to constructing the competition field. Beyond the practical use of getting the task out of the way in favor of our robot design and programming, we want to have an environment on which to test the effectiveness of our ideas. This step is crucial in order to begin removing necessary features and replacing others. We hope to make this process short so more time is left to insure the peak performance of our robot. Regarding the missing field parts, our team has so far adapted to the lack of pieces, so I do not worry that it will cut into prototyping time.
We also consider important plenty of time for the educational demonstration of STEM Project. Speaking of which, I have been tasked with building a functional lego cannon designed to fire plastic balls. It will be replicated and experimented with as a portion of the Project.