The purpose of this website is to show the many hidden dangers that affect the food that we consume. As consumers, we generally have a lot of trust in the safety and the nutritional value of food that we consume, but these assumptions are not always justified.

This website hopes to trigger many questions in the reader's mind about the health hazards hidden in the food that we consume. People should start to ask themselves questions like where does the food that I’m eating coming from? How does it get here? What kind of labor did it take to get here? What kind of chemicals were added to them during the process of the food being made? Are these chemicals safe to consume?

Children are the people most affected by food pollution. Kids are the future generation and they have to get the nutrients required for them to stay healthy. Nowadays, however, kids are not getting the nutrients that are most necessary for them. Instead they eat unhealthy fast food, and combine this with a lifestyle that does not give much importance to being physically active. This website explores how the power of advertising lures children into unhealthy eating habits and contributes to child obesity.

 An important aspect of safe food are the agricultural practices that prevail on the farms that produce the food. Toxic fertilisers used on land adjacent to a food growing area, for instance, can cause unsafe food. We show how farmers and Governmental agencies work hand in hand to disseminate knowledge of good agricultural practices.