Devotion to the Horse

Horses must be horses.  They're outdoor animals.   The more we keep them penned up, the more restless they become, and the more their health and performance suffer.  We turn out as much as weather permits.  During the hot summer weather, we are often turning out during the cooler nighttime hours.  We have over forty acres of good rolling pasture, so horses can be horses.


Secondly, your horse is what he eats.  We feed the best and supplement as necessary. We offer an individualized feeding program. We will feed supplements you provide, and dispense medication as prescribed or as indicated.




We are known by veterinarians and farriers for the best care and board in the region.  We have excellent large clean stalls, the best feeding program, and superb safe pastures.  We have good, clean, and safe barns and fences.  We strive to keep an extremely safe and family-friendly environment, be enthusiastic about learning horsemanship not just riding, and teach care, respect and devotion to the horse.