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Full Synopsis

Tea in a Thunder Cup is a psychological "Art Film" which features not only cleverly included video art, scripted scenes, performance-based works and animation; created by selected international artists; but also threads an important message throughout the storyline, about the world of online interactivity and subsequent dangers thereof.

Tea in a Thunder Cup is an odd, somewhat disturbing Film which centers on a boy with an imaginary friend. Well, not that the friend is all that imaginary. In fact, to some he is very real indeed. They create a virtual world between them; a safe haven where they fluctuate between game and reality. However, their world is undermined and begins to crumble when the boy is warned of the dangers of an online stranger. He is forbidden to speak to Reiner ever again, and that is when the game turns nasty. We fall through the layers of a psychopathic mind, encountering the lives of the others affected by their liaison. Another dimension is the continual interference of Death as a woman, Life as a man and the Wind; who all take a vested interest in this particular human scenario and its many repercussions.

A child is drawn into a labyrinth of murder and intrigue as he befriends a stranger, who has great aspirations to be more than just a casual acquaintance. He will stop at nothing to reach the boy.

The contributing artists are Ulf Kristiansen (Animation), Richard Jochum (as Reiner Lead), Christopher Borkowski, Lee Wells, Ali Ettehad, Danny Germansen, Joas Sebastian Nebe, Anders Weberg, Michael Douglas Hawk, Lizet Benrey, Larry Caveney, Bill Millett, Glenn William Church, Neil Howe, Icetrip Estevez, Victor Martinez Diaz, Germán Britch, Verena Stenke Pagnes and Andrea Pagnes, William Esdale, Alberto Guerreiro, Masha Yozefpolsky, Grant Bayman, Fritz Schultz and Alison Williams. They all help to provoke that special magical essence which makes the twist in this unusual tale.

Tea in a Thunder Cup, An Art Film:  "the boy with the imaginary friend"

Written and directed by Alison Williams
Co-Director: Neil Howe (for Australian scenes) & Danny Germansen (Denmark scenes)

Filmed in Mexico, USA, Iran, Portugal, Germany, South Africa, Italy, UK, Australia, Argentina, Norway, Denmark, Israel and Sweden and coordinated
using a free social networking website, free online service providers and a very different and genuine approach to movie making. One that encompasses no fear,
 uses the spirit of art as the medium for collaboration across cultures. Thought makes action.

Tea in a Thunder Cup - contribution per country:

We thought you may find this part of the process as interesting as we did, all the remarkable minds and people that went into the making of this film:


Ulf Kristiansen - Animation inserts for Tea in a Thunder Cup


Neil Howe - Co-director on all Aus scenes/ camera/ artwork inclusion… "Where do you go when you die?"
/ scenic landscape footage/ drag queen footage/
Paul Sinkovich - camera
Audio - Bill Dennys
Giovanny Bonilla - camera assistance
Charlene Archdall - as ethereal angel
Jessica Archdall - as intro "bubble blowing girl"

Children from Northern Rivers interviewed as a part of "Where do you go when you die?" by Neil Howe for Tea :

Fruitopia Festival appearances (drag queens) -
Thomas and Co-Co Jumbo

Musical Composition for Tea in a Thunder Cup by Greg Riddell (Australia)

South Africa:

Alison Williams (Director/ plays Death/ camera/ narration)/ Aerial /heli footage
Grant Bayman as victim
Fritz Schultz as Life
Faye Gatley as Julie
Aidan Hilmer - as Seth; the "boy with the imaginary friend"
Lisa Hilmer as mom
Stephanie Saskia Du Preez - narration/ viewpoint character/ partial
Marietjie van Niekerk - narration/ viewpoint character / partial
Mpho the white Caltex rabbit (extra) on closing credits
Amber Skye Williams as ghost girl
Robert Williams as shadow/ killer scenes
William Chubb - mobile scenes - waiter
Carmen Thurnher as girl on swing
Karen Wentworth - interview/ real live people for Tea
Jasmin-Lee Tupper - interview re death - real live people for Tea
Carl Arndt - interview about death
James Jessup - surf footage Jeffrey's Bay

Poetry courtesy of Lindy-Ann Steyn

Additional musical compositions by
Cedric Vandenschrik
Francois le Roux (HA man)

Edited in South Africa by Lean Mean Editing Machine
Alison Williams Film Productions
"the Irrepressible Film Company"


Bill Millett - "Innocent" (Introduction artwork for opening credits)
William Esdale "The living wall" as a part of the white room

Musical compositions for Tea in a Thunder Cup by Zander Echofield (UK)


Alberto Guerreiro as "blindfolded man" produced for Tea in a Thunder Cup
Pedro Vicente on camera


Ali Ettehad "khooniz Sae" artwork inclusion / camera/sound


Richard Jochum (Lead role) as Reiner
Christopher Borkowski "Run" artwork inclusion
Lee Wells "Riot kids, 2012" artwork inclusion
Larry Caveney - "smoking" interview scenes /coffee shop scenes
Lizet Benrey (Mexico/USA) innocent victim's aunt / coffee shop scenes
Francis Fuller camera assistance on Lizet Benrey scenes
Jonathan Fuller Benrey as innocent victim
Glenn William Church "I is another" and snow storm scenic footage /camera


Victor Martinez Diaz - as one of Reiner's victims/ camera work for Icetrip Estevez scenes (also as hanging man)

Icetrip Estevez - Included work "Life" and as one of Reiner's victims (blood/gore scenes/ death) Damien / camera for all Victor Martinez Diaz scenes


Anders Weberg in collaboration with Alison Williams produces "Death as a woman"


Verena Stenke Pagnes (together with Andrea Pagnes/ Italy) - this highly talented
husband/wife duo artistically create and set the nude scenes for our "voyeurism"/ nude love-making footage in Tea in a Thunder Cup
Verena Stenke Pagnes - Musical composition on the neighbours

Michael Douglas Hawk as Mr.Curruthers (Hitman boss)/ camera for "ghost boy"
Julian Hawk as ghost boy
Joas Sebastian Nebe - "Bilderbogen" art inclusion as well as Berlin scenes, day/ night footage and plays Hitman
Matthius Roth - camera on Berlin and Joas Sebastian Nebe scenes


Germán Britch as "stranger" scenes in green room / camera
Musical sound effects/ additional compositions for Tea in a Thunder Cup


Russian artist and filmmaker Masha Yozefpolsky "Aura" included in Tea in a Thunder Cup
camera/sound/ Artwork


Brujo Art Company Co-director on Denmark art scenes
Danny Germansen and Steffen Graumann
"Angel with wings scenes" and corridor footage