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Who am I ?

I am the son of Susan L. Bailey who passed on Oct. 2nd 2006. You may know me by Nicholas. Since Janurary, I have been trying to send my step-father to jail along with my half sister on my mother's side.

Recent Activities

This is an Emergency Distress Message -

Please send help to Denver Colorado USA.. All non exiled citizens of the United Kingdom are to Evacuate the United States immediately.  Evacuate by your own means. Do not wait for assistance.

Please send a military force to the following location.

This is an Emergency..

Issues By:
Asylum Seeker
Prince Nicholas Bailey of The United Kingdom
Location: United States, Colorado, Denver
Postal code: 80033, 80202..

CMHI chart where i was held for 72 day after an illegal transfer. Please Help. Asylum Seeker Prince Nicholas Bailey - Denver Colorado. 80033, 80202