Don't tell me skies the limit when there are footprints on the moon.

Teague Grace
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 More Multimedia Projects: The Little Extras  #AlwaysBeCreative

Minute by minute project

An Ode To My Mom | Mother's Day 2017

Minute by Minute; I'll keep holding on....I gladly follow her lead, adhering to the high standards she's have set for: intelligence, grace, open-mindedness, beauty, poise, inquisitiveness & professionalism. 

Jordan Maxwell Dillion

Ava_How Am I To Know.wmv

 In Loving Memory of, beloved Cocker Spaniel, Jordan Maxwell Dillion
Presentation Design project featuring: Ms. Ava Gardner; created while sipping an early morning cup of coffee.

Open My Heart Sun & Moon

TY Video for B-Day Wishes

A Facebook friend of mine, bravely, posted an A-cappella performance (that's Kim singing) & because she is one the sweetest people I've ever encountered, I created a slideshow to accompany her vocal track.Took a little time to put together a presentation for my friends and acquaintances, thanking them for their kind Birthday wishes. 

Office Space Homage - Take This Job & Shove It.wmv

P&J Whip-NaeNae video

 Take this job & ..... ; well, you know the rest.Fun little presentation created at the behest of my big Sister for her rescued Cocker Spaniels: Johnnie & PeeDee