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TAH 2007 Summer Institute WebQuests

Teaching American History Summer Institute 2007 WebQuests

The following WebQuests were designed by NYC Social Studies Educators using QuestGarden

Topic Authors Summary

Understanding Iroquois and Algonquian Festivals

CJ Cremeans, PS 122Q
Gary Scudero, PS 14Q
Blair Vitagliano, PS 76
Students will research Iroquois and Algonquian festivals and create a broadsheet or invitation describing a festival.

Analyzing the Constitution of the Iroquois Nations and the United States Constitution


William Andersen, PS 14
Marianne Miller, PS 14Q
Lorraine Soto, PS 86K
Students will be comparing and contrasting the Confederation of the Iroquois and the United States Constitution and present a documentary style panel discussion.

Warriors Wanted for the Iroquois - Algonquian Relocation Quest!

Joanne Carmignani, PS 78Q
Kelly Monahan, PS 123K
Michelle Wereszynski, PS 123K
Students will work together to identify a new location for their tribe. They will persuade their leader of the geographic and economic benefits of the new area. Students will design a map that shows the resources that can be found in the new location and keep a journal of their activities.

Close Encounters of the Colonial Kind

Sonja Lane, PS 91Q
Kathleen OConnor, PS 239
Rosanne Schubert, PS 91Q
Fina Sullivan, PS 86K
This WebQuest is written as a 4th and 5th grade social studies activity. It explores the differences in the social aspects of the English, the Dutch, the French, and the Spanish explorations and their colonization of North America.

Political Cartoons of Early Encounters in the New World

David Bekier, PS 19
Regina Carroll, PS 19Q
Caroline Gruss, PS 229
After researching the political reasons why some European countries wanted to form colonies in the New World, the students will create political cartoons using historical images of the early encounters of the Dutch, English, French and Spanish colonists.

How the Dutch English, French, and Spanish Made Money in the New World

Nancy Giamanco, PS 7 Queens
Gwendolyn Hiers, PS 89 Queens
Tom Kelly, PS 16 Queens
The purpose of this webquest is to guide your fourth or fifth grade students in discovering how the early settlers (Dutch, French, Spanish, and English) used the natural resources found in the New World provided them with a means of gaining economic prosperity.

The Governments of the 13 Colonies

Vincent Ferriola, PS 106 K
Todd Marks, PS 377 K
Rosalyn Morrissey, PS 13Q
This WebQuest is intended to guide students through making an informative publication to attract new settlers to their assigned colony. Included are many links that explain the government of the original 13 Colonies.

Economic Life in the Colonies



Ann Forde, PS 71
Steve Thomaschek, PS 112Q
Rae Totino, PS 71
Students work collaboratively to research life in the 13 colonies. They will create and present a scrapbook of their "journey" through the colonies.

Colonial America: You Are There

Alice Gruenberg, Dutch Kills School
Karma Pair, PS 299K
Sylvia Ruth, PS 45 K
Students will use this web quest to learn about the different ways people lived in the English colonies during the late 17th century and early 18th century.