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Searching the WWW

Effective WWW Searches

Ineffective WWW searches waste a great deal of time. Bernie Dodge, Professor at San Diego State University and creator of the WebQuest concept, is the author of Four NETS for Better Searching (2005). Dodge's search philospophy:


"If you know what you're after, start by asking for it as precisely as you can..."


"Words hang together in predictable ways. If you type a phrase into the EXACT PHRASE field in Google, you'll be able to locate pages in which those words appear together in that order..."

"Often you'll find a terrific page nestled deep down inside a folder inside a folder inside a folder. You suspect that there are other pages you'd find interesting nearby. How to you find them? Trim the URL step by step..."

Below the advanced search fields in Google are another two fields. These allow you to find pages that Google has deemed to be similar to or linked to any URL you type in