Lesson Openers

Explore and develop ways to engage students with meaningful and relevant information through lesson opening activities.

Spend 2-3 minutes examining the following "Infographic."

Warm-Up Questions:
Which type of corporation is taxed at the highest rate?  Why do you think taxation of corporations varies so greatly?
What information in this graphic stands out the most?  Why?
Do these tax rates compare to the "Average American Household?"  Why or why not?

Depending on your content area think of ways you could incorporate this graphic, or something like this, into an activity in your classroom.  Spend a few minutes examining the available Infographics on Column Five Media's website:  http://columnfivemedia.com (Infographics are available by clicking on "Work" at the top of the page, then click on the "Infographics.")  Think about your current topic/unit of study as you look through these.  See if there are any you can easily incorporate in the next 2-3 days of instruction.

If nothing is jumping out at you, take a look at these samples 

Algebra I:







Social Studies





http://columnfivemedia.com/work-items/directlyrics-infographic-the-most-commonly-misunderstood-lyrics-in-music/ (Preview before showing to students:)


Were there any Infographics you found to be interesting, meaningful, applicable, or controversial that you can incorporate into a lesson you plan to teach in the next 2-3 days?
How would you use this in your classroom?  What types of questions can you ask your students about the content/topic and your current unit of study?
Are there any ways you can engage students by applying the information to their own lives?

With a partner/group of 3 share the Infographic you felt would have the most relevancy in your classroom.  Brainstorm 2 or 3 questions you can ask which will engage your students.  On our linoit board post a sticky to share with the group how your Infographic will engage your students (if you would like, post the URL hyperlink, or embed your Infographic on our linoit board).  If your partner/partners have shared a new graphic with you feel you can use more effectively you are free to change your mind!

How do Infographics provide you a way of incorporating relevant information into your classroom? Consider collaborating with other content or cross-content area teachers in your building or district to discover other ways these may be applicable to your classes.

Other Resources:

Alternative Lesson Opener with Current Events: