God teaches those who are passionate about finding truth, rather than about proving they always had it!

May we with David, the man after God's own heart pray, "Lead me in thy truth, and

TEACH ME: for thou art the GOD of my salvation on thee do I wait all the day." (Psalm 25:5)

Acknowledging truth may bring temporary shame, but results in lasting security.

Hiding behind falsity may bring temporary security, but results in lasting shame.

May God teach us what He really stands for and who He really is! Many religions have very erroneously portrayed God as a cruel and oppressive God which many thus wish did not exist. Nevertheless God's fingerprints are everywhere. I (Amos Bender) have had many miracles occur in my long and continuing search for truth, which miracles God kindly sent my way to help teach me. Numerous of those miracles are shared in my various websites given below, which websites extensively consider many vital subjects. Extensive and honest research certainly required me to change my mind on numerous issues.

Jesus speaking of truth said,

"When he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth:" (John 16:13)

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. " ( John 8:32)

"Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth." (John 17:17)

"... be sanctified through the truth." (John 17:19)

Jonah while in the belly of the whale declared,

"They that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy." (Jonah 2:8).

This video dramatized document shows God is quite different than religions often portray Him.

Make sure you audio is on while watching!

Jesus taught that all God's requirements pertain to a sincere love and respect for God and man. The Bible therewith states that love fulfills the law. Although God certainly has laws, the Bible speaks of God's laws as laws of liberty as they generally are to prevent oppression and provide a healthy lifestyle . Yet man's religions have created all kinds of strange and oppressive laws. Oppositely and on the other hand man's anti religion efforts have over reacted and rejected even healthy laws. Thus man's religious and anti religious efforts both are often ignorant of God's good and healthy laws, while they war one with another.

The below video has two parts and shares many unique incidents that encourage liberation from erroneous and oppressive religious nets. God in ancient times amazingly spoke through Jonah (after he was swallowed by the whale), while God now and many years later has amazingly spoken through a liberated whale, which speaks instead of Jonah. This whale was liberated on Valentine's day 2011 from a dreadful net and gives an phenomenal show of delight. As a further witness, the sermon of the whale occurred four days after I personally witnessed what I call the sermon of the fire, which likewise clearly and powerfully encouraged liberation from morbid religious laws (nets) oppressing marriage, beauty, and romance.



God Also Care About Issues As These

My toilet and composting project as introduced below began at Google's request for ideas that could help the most people. God who desires us to love and care for others as ourselves certainly does not want humans to carelessly pollute rivers and streams and send pollution downstream and thereby bring a miserable environment and sickness upon others. Nor does God want us humans to allow our world's soil to become carelessly depleted. The toilet systems shown at www.ToiletToilet.com , and the below video, are systems for the poorest, as well as for developed countries. This video pertains mostly to an efficient water flush toilet design. Nevertheless earth toilets are a surprisingly good option as well, and likely best for many places and people in our world.

www.ToiletToilet.com and www.LiftUpThePoor.com pertains to this project.

Other Web Sites sharing my concerns on various subjects are;

www.TeachMeGod.com (note .com)

This is a very extensive text only site which shares many documents on many subjects which were

written in my search for truth (it is my first website launched around 2000).

More recent sites are





www.BiblicalSexuality.com (or .net)



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May we also seek solutions for the Homeless!

Especially as winter comes on!

A box like idea that is quite outside of the box (norm)!

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