Geology (Grades 4 - 9)

   Many homeschoolers and quite a few elementary school teachers feel unprepared to teach science.  I believe that this is in large part because they have no idea where to obtain the materials necessary to teach labs.  I have dealt with two very large companies, who although their primary purpose is to supply schools, will sell to individuals.  However, neither one will sell either chemicals or live bacteria and viruses.  These two are:  Ward Science Supplies and Carolina Biological.  Don't be fooled by the name.  Both sell materials to teach:  biology, geology, meteorology, astronomy, chemistry, and physics from kindergarten through graduate school.  A third company, Home Science Tools, sells primarily to homeschoolers.  They will provide chemicals in the very small quantities that a homeschooler would wish.  They also have many wonderful kits for teaching chemistry concepts. 




The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth by Joanna Cole

Mapping the World by Sylvia A. Johnson

Science Alive! Water (Crabtree Publishing)

Water: Our Precious Resource by Roy A. Gallant

Two Bad Ants by Chris Van Allsburg

Lyrical Earth Science Volume One Geology Dorry and Doug Eldon

Rock and Fossil Hunter by Ben Morgan (DK Smithsonian)

Complete Identifier: Rocks, Crystals, Minerals edited by Rosie Hankin

Eyewitness Handbooks: Rocks and Mineralsby Chris Pellant

Rocks and Minerals: A Golden Guide by Herbert S. Zim and Paul R. Shaffer

Let's Learn About Coal from the American Coal Foundation 101 Constitution Ave., NW Suite 525 East, Washington D. C. 20001-2133

Eyewitness Books: Rocks and Minerals by Dr. R. F. Symes

Rocks and Minerals by Anna Claybourne

Caves by Neil Morris

Sand by Ellen Prager

Fossils: Pictures From the Past by Claire Daniel

Stories in Stone: The World of Animal Fossils by Jo S. Kittinger

Science Nature Guides: Fossils by Chris Pellant

Rare Treasure: Mary Anning and Her Remarkable Discoveries by Don Brown

The Best Book of Fossils, Rocks, and Minerals by Chris Pellant

Eyewitness Books: Fossil by Dr. Paul D. Taylor

Gemstones: A True Book by Ann O. Squire

Gemstones by Christine Woodward and Dr. Roger Harding(Sterling Pub. Co.)

Planet Earth: Over 100 Questions and Answers to Things You Want to Know by Ian James

Volcanoes! Mountains of Fire by Eric Arnold (Step Into Reading)

Vacation Under the Volcano by Mary Pope Osborne (Magic Tree House Series)

The Magic School Bus Blows Its Top by Joanna Cole

Volcanoes by Seymour Simon

Mt. St. Helens: The Volcano Explodes! by Leonard Palmer

I Didn't Know That Mountains Gush Lava and Ash and Other Amazing Facts About Volcanoes by Clare Oliver

Earthquake in the Early Morning by Mary Pope Osborne (Magic Tree House Series)

Quakes! by Catherine McMorrow (Step Into Reading)

If You Lived at the Time of the Great San Francisco Earthquake by Ellen Levine

I Didn't Know That Quakes Split the Ground Open and Other Amazing Facts About Earthquakes by Clare Oliver

High Tide in Hawaii by Mary Pope Osborne (Magic Tree House Series)

Tsunamis and Other Natural Disasters: A Nonfiction Companion to High Tide in Hawaii by Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce

I Didn't Know That Tidal Waves Wash Away Cities and Other Amazing Facts About Stormy Seas by Kate Petty

How Mountains Are Made by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor

Bright of the Grand Canyon by Marguerite Henry

The Colorado River by Carol B. Rawlins

In Search of the Grand Canyon: Down the Colorado With John Wesley Powell by Mary Ann Fraser

Grand Canyon Visual by John F. Hoffman

A Wilderness Called Grand Canyon by Stewart Aitchison


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