Amphibians and Reptiles

   Many homeschoolers and quite a few elementary school teachers feel unprepared to teach science.  I believe that this is in large part because they have no idea where to obtain the materials necessary to teach labs.  I have dealt with two very large companies, who although their primary purpose is to supply schools, will sell to individuals.  However, neither one will sell either chemicals or live bacteria and viruses.  These two are:  Ward Science Supplies and Carolina Biological.  Don't be fooled by the name.  Both sell materials to teach:  biology, geology, meteorology, astronomy, chemistry, and physics from kindergarten through graduate school.  A third company, Home Science Tools, sells primarily to homeschoolers.  They will provide chemicals in the very small quantities that a homeschooler would wish.  They also have many wonderful kits for teaching chemistry concepts. 



Suzanne Tate's Books

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More About Wildlife

Amphibians have smooth skin without scales and those that have feet lack claws. Amphibians include: frogs, toads, salamander, newts, and caecilians. Reptiles have scales and those with feet also have claws. Reptiles include: snakes, lizards, turtles, alligators, and crocodiles.


A First Discovery Book: Frogs from Scholastic Pub.

From Tadpole to Frog (Life Cycles) by David Stewart

Frogs and Toads and Tadpoles, Too! by Allan Fowler

Animal Lives: The Frog by Sally Tagholm

From Tadpole to Frog by Wendy Pfeffer

Bullfrog at Magnolia Circle by Deborah Dennard

How Do Frogs Swallow With Their Eyes? Questions and Answers about Amphibians by Melvin and Gilda Berger

Watch Me Grow: Frog by DK Publishers

Frogs by Gail Gibbons

Why Frogs Are Wet by Judy Hawes

Toads by Julie Murray

The Calls of Frogs and Toads (CD) by Lang Elliott

Salamanders by Edward J. Maruska


Snakes by Seymour Simon

Can Snakes Crawl Backward? Questions and Answers about Reptiles by Melvin Berger

I didn't know that some snakes spit poison by Claire Llewellyn

Snakes: Silent Hunters by Claudia Schnieper

Amazing Snakes by Sarah Thomson

Why Do Snakes Hiss? by Joan Holub

Slinky, scaly, slithery snakes by Dorothy Hinshlaw Patent

Copperheads by Julie Murray

King Cobras by Julie Murray

Pythons by Julie Murray

Rattlesnakes by Julie Murray

Sea Snakes by Jody Sullivan Rake

The Mixed-Up Chameleon by Eric Carle

A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni

Chameleons are Cool by Martin Jenkins

Iguanas by Julie Murray

All About Lizards by Jim Arnosky

Box Turtle at Long Pond by William T. George

Turtles by Julie Murray

A True Book: Turtles by Trudi Strain Trueit

Turtles by Anita Baskin-Salzberg

Lookout for Turtles by Melvin Berger

Tammy Turtle, A Tale of Saving Sea Turtles by Suzanne Tate

One Tiny Turtle by Nicola Davies (Loggerhead Sea Turtle)

Sea Turtle by Gail Gibbons

Izzy Lizard Alligator, A Tale of a Big Lizard by Suzanne Tate

Alligators by Julie Murray

Crocodiles and Alligators by Seymour Simon

Crocodiles by Julie Murray

Welcome to the World of Alligators and Crocodiles by Diane Swanson

Snap! A Book About Alligators and Crocodiles by Melvin Berger and Gilda Berger

The Reptalphabet Encyclopedia Coloring Book by Keith A. McConnell

DK Eyewonder: Reptiles by Simon Holland

Reptiles (Discovery Series) by Allen Greer

Question Time: Explore and Discover Reptiles by Claire Llewellyn

100 things You Should Know About Reptiles and Amphibians by Ann Kay

Golden Guide: Reptiles and Amphibians by Herbert S. Zim and Hobart M. Smith

Golden Photo Guide: Reptiles by John Burton

Little Guides: Reptiles and Amphibians ed. Mark Hutchinson

National Audubon Society Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians

Peterson Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians

Smithsonian Handbook Series

Eyewitness Books: Amphibians by Barry Clarke (DK Pub.)

Eyewitness Books: Reptile by Colin McCarthy (DK Pub.)


Most zoos have a reptile house, misnamed because they usually also contain amphibians. Have you considered a visit? If you should ever go to Williamsport, Pennsylvania for the Little League Championship, stop by Clyde Peeling's Reptiland. If you are traveling in the Black Hills area of South Dakota, visit Reptile Gardens near Rapid City, South Dakota.


There is an excellent Eyewitness video about Amphibians and Reptiles. 

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