Classroom Technology: Beneficial or Harmful?

Technology for the Classroom

Many different types of technologies can be used in the classroom today. Blogs can provide a place for student discussion and debate on a topic. Also, blogs can provide a sense of community as students can ask for help from their peers. Another way to incorporate blogs into the classroom is by setting up a discussion with students from another school across the country, and using the blog sites as a way to establish pen pals. Websites can also be of use in the classroom. For example, a teacher can have a class website where he/she can post information about their class, what is due, and what is coming up. Websites are a way to share information with schools and families about your classroom without having to send papers home. Another technology that can be integrated into the classroom is digital photographs. These can be cropped and re-sized so that they may be uploaded to the website and blogs. Also, teachers could have projects where students need to include photographs that are a particular size or shape. This would allow students to use modern day technology while learning about any subject.

    Using technology in the classroom is beneficial because it will connect students with the outside world, while the students learn about the technology that is present in our society today. Also, allowing students to use new technologies will provide for an environment where students are focused on student-centered learning activities as they work to complete their tasks. Although there are benefits to incorporating technology into the classroom, there are also disadvantages. For example, one never knows when the internet will be down. In addition, when you have a class of thirty-two students on the internet at one time, the internet tends to slow down; and a simple task may become very time consuming. Another problem I foresee is a broken scanner, computer, or camera. Technology has a mind of its own sometimes, and one never knows if it will cooperate or not. Lastly, if a school has only one computer lab, it may be difficult to schedule lab time for a class. Despite the problems that technology imposes, technology can be very beneficial to the students and should be considered a vital tool in learning and education today.

Sep 21, 2009, 9:43 AM