Service Learning

YouTube Video

This YouTube video shows a group of people at Antwerp train station performing a dance to the song do-re-mi from the Sound of Music. It is a great example of how a flash mob can capture the attention of many people in a public place. This strategy can be used to communicate a message or idea to a large number of people. We are interested in having our students produce a flash mob event to communicate their message about tolerance and unity to the community.

To begin this service, the students from each content area, math, English, and biology, will come together and view different flash mob videos. Since our school is very diverse and has its own community of dancers, artists, athletes, musicians, etc., students will be eager and willing to participate.  In hopes to create awareness in the community that diversity is something that we cherish and embrace, our students will choreograph a dance to a song of their choice and dress in colors that represent the diversity that they see in society along with what they interpret the colors to mean.The dance will be performed at the Oceanside Sunset Market, where tons of people gather every Thursday evening. The dance will start off with the students being segregated and dancing their own choreography.  By the time the song ends, they will dance in unity and be in a formation which depicts something beautiful. (Maybe a flower, or a mother holding a baby, or whatever they choose).  In the end, the students' flash mob performance will show the public how differences in individuals can ultimately come together in unity to create something beautiful.

Planning for Service Learning

Grade level(s):  9th and 10th Grade
Essential Purpose or Question: What is Prejudice?
Content-Learning About:  Differences
Service Need:  Teaching unity and tolerance
Service idea:  Flash Mob - Students dress in different colored costumes and use music and dance to turn prejudice into unity.
Investigation of the Need:  our school environment is a microcosm of society's prejudices and injustices.
Preparation and Planning:  Students will participate in a co-taught lesson and learn about the value of flash mobs for communicating ideas.
Action:  Students will gather at the Oceanside Sunset Market and perform their dance, flash mob style.
Reflection Methods:  Students will write a one-page reflection on their experience and how they are moving forward.
Demonstration to Others:  Flash mob - student demonstrate their individuality and unity.

Youth Voice and Choice:   Students will determine the music choice, choreography, colors, meaning and message.
English/Language Arts: Aligns with lessons on research of other countries that experience genocide.
Mathematics: Students learn that mathematicians come from around the world.
Science: Aligns with lessons on differences and similarities between human beings.
Art and Music: Students will participate in an artistic performance.
Technology: Students will videotape their performance and share the video on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Storify, and so forth.

Skills Being Developed:  (1) Working as a cooperative group, (2) Personal interaction, (3) Social skills, (4) Individual and group accountability, (5) Positive interdependence.
Books and Other Media Used:  Night by Weisel, Internet for research.
Community Partners:
El Camino HIgh School, City of Oceanside, Oceanside Sunset market, Businesses in the community
Experience and explore diversity:  Students will experience diversity within themselves and their group by participating in the diversity education and activity.
Participating in progress monitoring:  Students will be assessed at the end of each lesson, culminating with the flash mob performance.
Lesson about careers:  Assigned directorships will teach students valuable skills that relate to careers in the workplace.
Strengthen social, emotional, and character traits:  Students will gain confidence and appreciation for the differences and similarities in their school and society.
Make global connections:  Through research, students will make connections via subject matter.
Develop leadership:  Students will be assigned directorship roles for flash mob activity.
Duration of the service learning experience (approximate timeframe):  2 weeks
Teacher collaboration:  Dawn Gernhardt, Tina Ayers, Sean Sullins, Martha Kanemitsu-Parks
Public Awareness or Presentations Planned (including media alerting public officials, recognition, and celebrations): Students will videotape their performance and share it through social media sites.  Students will alert local news organizations about the event.  Students will promote the event at their school and community to gain support for their efforts.  Students will have a celebratory gathering after the performance.
Tangible Product(s) from the Experience:  Videotape of the performance