Working Towards Unity in Math, Biology, and English  (see below for table)

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What is prejudice?How has prejudice been manifested in the educational system?  Begin "Mathematicians of the World Unite!"
How does human biological characteristics effect the way we are perceived?  In what ways have women in science been discriminated against?
What words do we use to talk about prejudice? What do they mean?
Identifying prejudice locally How does zip code on an area map relate to unity?  
What are the phenotype traits of our community?  Are women scientists still discriminated against in the local scientific community?Where is prejudice found in our school and local community? What biases do you have or have people held against you?
Identifying the prejudices in their society globallyReflect on how prejudices in society affects people across the globe.
What are the phenotype traits of the global society?  Are women scientists still discriminated against in the global scientific community?How has prejudice manifested itself in the world? 
Look at the effects of prejudice on societyDoes the measure of someones skull relate to how smart they are? Why does the polytechnic trait of human skin color have such a profound affect on prejudice and racism in society?Which societies have historically felt the effects of prejudice on a large scale? What were the effects?
Working towards unityStudents analyze geometric shapes that make up a person.  Identify transformations to make up a person and draw it out.  Designing and Building of Geo-Mes
While every person has unique biological traits, underneath the skin, we are all made up of the same essential organic components required for life.What action can we take to build unity in our classroom, school, community, and world?