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El Camino High School
Home of the Wildcats!

We are in the Oceanside Unified School District.

Below are some facts about our district.

OUSD Boundaries: The district covers approximately 66 square miles. It is bordered on the west along the Pacific Ocean, south on Vista Way, east on College Boulevard, and along the north at Camp Pendleton.  There are enormous socioeconomic differences between the diverse student body.  The homes that border and attend the school range from near poverty and destitution to upscale , large, single family homes. The majority of the students come from lower, middle -class families.

Schools: As of the 2011-12 school year, the district operates 23 school sites serving nearly 20,000 students.

■16   Elementary schools

■  4   Middle schools

■  2   Comprehensive high schools

■  1   Alternative high school

Enrollment: The OUSD is one of 42 public school districts located in San Diego County. Based on its enrollment, it is classified as a large-scale district.

2008-09: 20,650

2007-08: 20,335

2006-07: 21,147

2005-06: 21,367

2004-05: 22,159

Student Ethnic Distribution:

Ethnicity                    # of Students        Percentage

Hispanic                    11,330                    55%

Caucasian                 5,474                      27%

African American    1,624                        8%

Filipino                         687                        3%

Pacific Islander            541                    2.6%

Asian                            468                        2%

Native American        147                        1%

Data Source: CDE Website (Dataquest), Ethnic 08 report   

Employees: The district employs more than 2,000 individuals in its certificated, classified and administrative ranks.

Budget: The preliminary general operating fund budget for the 2011-12 school year is roughly $157 million.

Modernization and Bonds: In June 2008, Oceanside voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition H (71% vote), a $195 million school bond measure. The monies generated from this bond will allow the district to continue the modernization process for 16 campuses, a renovation program that began with the passing of Proposition G (69% vote) in 2000, a $125 million measure.

Source: http://www.oside.k12.ca.us/cms/page_view?d=x&piid=&vpid=1236521117624


El Camino High School
Culture of our School as a Learning Community

El Camino High School prides itself on their students' academic achievements, athletic prowess, and  bright future. Though our community is made up of a diverse mix of cultures, we all come together to achieve our mission: to facilitate the success of all students.

OUSD Mission: The mission of the Oceanside Unified School District is to ensure that every student graduates and has the ability to succeed in the global community.

Our students are proud to be here, our parents are confident that their children are getting a top-notch education, and our staff is eager to serve.

After Martha, Dawn, Tina, and Sean met with El Camino High School Principal Bob Rowe, he shared the school culture flow chart and learning community details with us (below).

Stephen Roeder: Math Teacher, Department Chair, and Acedemic League Coach
"I knew, from the first time I walked through this campus, that to me, this felt like home."
Isabelle Fried: Math Teacher

"This [El Camino High School] is the place where anybody can succeed."