The theme of the Interdisciplinary Thematic Unit will be the elimination of prejudice.  Students will be analyzing the prejudices they see in their own society and seeing how it effects their community.  The students will focus on discovering the similarities between people as a way of debunking any prejudices about superiority and also learning how to find the beauty in the differences we have.

Essential questions: 
What is prejudice and how do we work towards a more unified world?
   -What is prejudice?
    -How do we identify prejudice on a local level?
What prejudices do you experience on a global level?
    -How does prejudice effect society?
    -How do we work towards unity?

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We believe the following statements help us come closer to unity as people, teachers, students, communities, and for the world.
We teach tolerance because we feel our students will live in a better world when they, and everyone they know believe in social justice and equity for all.

 • I believe that every person has worth as an individual.
• I believe that every person is entitled to dignity and respect, regardless of race or color.
• I believe that every thought and every act of racial prejudice is harmful; if it is my thought
or act, then it is harmful to me as well as to others.
• Therefore, from this day forward I will strive daily to eliminate racial prejudice from my
thoughts and actions.
• I will discourage racial prejudice by others at every opportunity.
• I will treat all people with dignity and respect; and I will strive daily to honor this pledge,
knowing that the world will be a better place because of my effort.

Source: The Birmingham Pledge

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