Humanitarian Unit - a teacher talk-along about an exemplar unit

This section contains lessons within a inquiry-focused unit that shows how a teacher had her student learn about microorganisms through the narrative and literacy theme of students developing
Virtual mobile van
understanding and materials for a humanitarian outreach effort explaining the role of microorganisms on water quality.  A virtual island where students can become immersed in the issues of health and healthcare is part of the future experiences being planned for later classes of this teacher.

This link brings you to a publically-available mindmap overview of the entire unit (this link bring you to a PDF version of the same and this link brings you to an image of the mindmap).  The concept of learning-to-help-others through science understanding integrates literacy and communication skills into the core of the unit; students will be sharing their knowledge through e-venues.   The teacher planned the unit mindful of the timing needs for the science itself thus the unit begins with the microorganism lab-study since this would take several weeks to implement; the launch to the unit itself is in the second lesson.
In each lesson that is accessible from the links below, a detailed lesson plan is presented and conversations and explanations from the teacher are included so you can follow the reasoning and philosophy behind the way the lessons within the unit were constructed.  For visitors who are reviewing these lessons for courses, you may use any of the attached documents in your work and then modify them to your purposes.
NOTE:  these lessons predated the requirement of the Common Core State Standards by NYS, thus, no specific references to CCSS are found here - however, please review CCSS (link here) and observe the alignment of the lessons with key expectations within CCSS