Dr. O'Connor
This website contains resources and information created and assembled by Dr. Eileen O'Connor (click here for her resume).   It has several different types of information:  (1.) applied examples of techniques and approaches to test when developing a website for your class, (2.) an exemplar student-centered, inquiry-based science unit (Humanitarian Unit) with a talk-along from the teacher explaining the approach including links & videos about microorganism labs & studies, (3.) selected teacher information about testing of students and evaluation of teachers.   More resources are available at the companion site created by Dr. O'Connor.   And, here is a video hello.

General suggestions on website development for your classroom: 
  • Until you are comfortable, keep it as a private website that you only share with the instructor and the students in our class. 
  • To help you get started using Google Sites (the web-platform used here), consider the many tutorial that have been made available at this website and always search online too for the latest information.
Using a website can be a very useful way to communicate with students, other schools, and parents.

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