Teaching pre-modern history:

e-learning challenges and opportunities

Friday 17th February 2012, 11am-4.30pm at Senate House, Room S261

Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HU

What are the challenges posed by teaching medieval and early modern history to undergraduate students? Providing access to reliable sources and developing skills aimed at approaching and analysing those sources critically are only some of the difficulties that we encounter on a regular basis.

The use of technology can impact positively on these and other areas of teaching and learning practice by increasing student preparation, participation and reflection on their learning experience. It can also provide a venue for the sharing of best practice between university teachers.

This Higher Education Academy-supported workshop will go beyond a general discussion on e-learning by exploring how a range of technologies can help to meet the particular challenges of medieval and early modern history teaching.

The workshop aims to promote collaboration, exchange of ideas and constructive debate. All of the presenters will provide practical evidence showing how students perceived, used and reacted to their use of technology inside and outside of the classroom. All participants will be asked to bring along an example of their own use of or engagement with technology in teaching and learning, either as a student or a teacher. 

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