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Reading, Writing, or Social Skill instruction impacts STEM education

The impact of Reading, Writing, or Social Skill instruction on STEM Education

Reading and Writing

Students have a variety of both reading and writing disabilities. These disabilities cause stress and anxiety in the classroom and at home for the student each time they are asked to complete one of these tasks. Teachers can find ways to reduce these stressors by focusing on the disabilities and providing the students with the accommodations needed. Let’s say a student has a processing problem, for example. The teacher might tell the student, away from his or her peers, that the teacher will only call on student if the teacher is standing next to the student. This reduces the stress of the student, but still holds him or her accountable. After a while, the teacher does not need to be standing near the student to have him or her participating in class. Teachers can do similar things with writing and reading (depending on the disability). The more you praise the progress and accomplishments of the student, the more the student will attempt. Also by trying different skills, graphic organizers, writing styles, reading styles, and delivery methods.

Social Skills

    Most of the students entering the inclusion setting are entering for academic and social goal; however, there are a few that are entering for integration in socialization only. Building a classroom environment that is accepting of differences is essential for these students to be successful in the general education setting. All students should be included in all of the assignments; however, the amount of work expected from each student might be different. When having students work in groups, to keep each student accountable for his or her work, assign roles. Make sure to assign leadership roles to the inclusion students as well. The purpose of having students in the general education classroom for only socialization goals is to prepare them for interaction with other in life outside of school.

Impact on STEM

With STEM there are instructions and final reports to be written about the activity. Students with reading and writing disabilities can work with their group members. The inclusion student that needs to work on social skills will be working on them in the group. STEM is about working as a group to complete and finish an activity. Its purpose is to teach you that you cannot do it alone, that you need the help of everyone in the group to complete the project. From construction, to paperwork.