39. The First Year of Teaching and Beyond

Abstract: The first year of teaching is a rollercoaster ride in all senses of the word. It is at times painfully slow, adrenaline-surging fast, and sometimes it makes you so scared you just want to throw up. Sometimes you feel like you could ride it forever, and at other times you can’t imagine how you got yourself on that ride in the first place, and never want to go back ever again. No matter what, most of the time you are strapped into your seat and can’t do much about it except go along for the ride. Sometimes the only thing you are in control of is how you feel about it once the ride is over. Did I like this, or did I hate it? Sometimes you aren’t really sure.

The First Year of Teaching – Stages of Development – Why Do Some Teachers Leave? – Staying the Course – A Final Note from the Authors