37. Student Teaching

Abstract: This chapter provides diverse perspectives on student teaching. Student teachers, as well as teacher educators, school administrators, university supervisors, and cooperating teachers will benefit from a frank and detailed explanation of the experience of student teaching. They all will similarly benefit vicariously from experiences of others during student teaching. This article attempts to provide that benefit by reflecting on the activities more than 60 physics student teachers from Illinois State University during the interval from 1995 to 2008.

The Purpose of Student Teaching – Phases of the Student Teaching Experience – Roles and Responsibilities – Obligations of Student Teachers – Obligations of the Cooperating School – Obligations of the Cooperating Teacher – Obligations to University Supervisor – Clinical Experience Components – Assessment of Student Teacher Performance – Legal Liabilities and Student Teaching – What is it Like to Student Teach? – Direct Comments from a Student Teacher – Chose Your Student Teaching Placement Wisely – A Closing Note about Student Teaching