14. Enhancing Student Achievement

Abstract: While much of teaching is said to be an “art,” there is a large and growing body of evidence for a science of teaching. Research in science education in general and physics education in particular has shown that certain ways of teaching really are better than others. Beginning with this chapter, and continuing throughout this section of the book, we examine research-based teaching practices from general education as applied in a physics-teaching context. This chapter helps teacher candidates understand the need for engaged learning and provides a variety of methods to make learning both hands-on and minds-on. Such strategies strongly affect student achievement.

The Problem with Traditional Physics Teaching – A Preview of the Best Practices of Science Teaching – Marzano’s Essential Nine Instructional Strategies – Identifying Similarities and Differences – Summarizing and Note Taking – Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition – Homework and Practice – Nonlinguistic Representations – Cooperative Learning – Generating and Testing Hypotheses – Cues, Questions, and Advanced Organizers – Teaching Specific Types of Knowledge