5. Inquiry in Introductory Physics

Abstract: Physics teacher educators following national science teacher preparation guidelines will both employ and promote the use of experimental inquiry during instruction. In order for in-service physics teachers to use this form of scientific inquiry appropriately, it is important that they possess a basic understanding of the content, nature, and history of science. Indeed, it is imperative for physics teacher educators and their teacher candidates to have a thorough understanding of experimental inquiry so that they come to value it, are more likely to practice it properly, and understand how to help students achieve a higher degree of scientifically literacy.

Scientific Inquiry – Conducting Scientific Inquiry in the Classroom – Defining Scientific Inquiry – Basic Types of Scientific Inquiry – Experimental Inquiry in Introductory Physics – Characterizing Experimental Inquiry – Making the Case for Scientific Inquiry – Approaches to Experimental Inquiry – Science Education Reform – Levels of Inquiry Model of Physics Teaching – Effective Science Teaching