2. Science Literacy

Abstract: It is frequently said that achieving science literacy isthe main goal of science education. This is a laudable goal.Unfortunately, science literacy has been defined in a multitude of ways and, therefore, it is difficult to determine what it is that teachers are to achieve. A concise, mutually agreeable definitionof science literacy has been an objective for many scientists,educators, and philosophers for the better part of the 20thcentury, and only recently has there been some degree ofconvergence in their thinking. Over the past three decades, using working definitions, science-teaching standards have emerged and continue to do so. Today we are now seeing the emergence of Common Core Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards, both of which are a new attempt at defining a national level of basic skills and science understanding necessary for future student success in careers and active citizenship.

The Need for Science Literacy – Types of Science Literacy – Science Literacy: The Aim of Teaching Science – Next Generation Science Standards – ACT Science Reasoning Standards – Common Core Teaching Standards – Limitations of Science Teaching Standards – Achieving Science Literacy – Assessing Progress Toward Science Literacy