11. Using Technology Effectively

Abstract: The technology available to schools has exponentially increased the opportunities for teaching and learning as compared to only a few years ago. In fact, many state and national standards mandate that teachers integrate technology and engineering education into standard science courses. The integration of technology allows students to develop 21st century skills. However, teachers using technology should exercise caution. Teachers should think about technology implementation by reflecting on the TPACK and SAMR models, and avoiding the use of technology “for technology’s sake. This chapter describes the benefits and rationales for using technology in the physics classroom, and provides practical examples of and advice for how technology can be seamlessly interwoven with physics instruction.

Classroom Technology – Why Use Technology? – Addressing the Standards – ISTE Standards for Students – ISTE Standards for Teachers – TRACK: Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge Model – SAMR: Substitution-Augmentation-Modification-Redefintion Model – Practical Ideas for the Physics Classroom – Science Probeware and its Role in Inquiry – Instructional Technology Software/Apps – Technology for Flipping the Classroom – Practical Ideas for Student Technology Use – Challenges Associated with Technology Integration – Strategies for Implementing Technology