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    The multiculturalism of the United States has led to increased diversity within classrooms around the country.  The growing number of multilingual and non-English speaking students in the classroom requires educators to find more relevant ways of educating students with differing needs.  

    This website has been designed to help teachers find practical ways to incorporate cultural diversity into their everyday curriculum.  By using multilingual artifacts that relate to a child's everyday life, it becomes easier to help them find their place in a primarily English speaking community.  We intend to provide a starting point for teachers dealing with multilingual students and their families, allowing them to bridge language and cultural barriers and provide a more meaningful education to the students.

    By using the links to the left, you may go directly to the language that is most appropriate for your classroom use.  Or, you may prefer to continue through the pages in order by clicking on the "Next Page" link at the bottom of each page.  You will always be able to return to this page by clicking on the "Return Home" link at the bottom of each page.

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