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Secondary Summer Institute 2009

1) First chapter from Peter Stiling's Ecology:Theories and Applications textbook.  The chapter is split into several PDFs, see below.  Sorry for the mulitple files, but we are restricted in size for attachments on this page. 
2) A short article by Anderson et al on the importance of environmental literacy.  His website, which is part of a nationally funded project of which the Cary Institute is also a participant, can be found here: http://edr1.educ.msu.edu/EnvironmentalLit/index.htm .  We will be using some of the materials from this site for discussions. 
3) A great article discussing the need for environmental literacy, along with some ideas about what the tenants of environmental literacy should be: The Window into Green
4) An article framing the need for ecological literacy by Jordan et al (see below).
5) A summary of the changes caused by the zebra mussel invasion, written by Cary scientist David Strayer (see below). 
For Marsh Teachers Only
Go to: http://life.bio.sunysb.edu/marinebio/hrfhrbook/ and read Chapter 20, written by Kiviat, Findlay, and Neider.  That will give you a good overview of the marshes.  You have to get a password from Cambridge printing when you initially go to the site, but it is immediate, and then you can access any of the chapters from the Hudson River Estuary book, which is excellent.

Resources- powerpoints etc
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