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Rhinebeck Eco-Initiative

The students and teachers of the Rhinebeck Central School District are investigating their connections to the environment. These connections, while substantial, are oftentimes overlooked. How many people think about where their water and food come from, how their lights and computers are powered or where their waste goes? Once we begin to answer these questions, we see that we are connected to ecosystems near and far in very real ways. The coal mines of West Virginia and oil drills in the Gulf, the strawberry farms in California and the waters of the Hudson River take on new meaning.

In our homes, schools and communities we learn about environmental issues and ask ourselves, “how do we start reducing our impact”? Collecting data related to the school’s connection to the environment is the place to start. The scientific data reported here can be used to make decisions about which sustainable choices should be made. In the coming years, students will continue to collect similar data in order to gain feedback on the effectiveness of their sustainability choices. 

The Eco-Initiative was designed by the Rhinebeck Central School District and the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, and is funded by the Rhinebeck Science Foundation.

Visit the Rhinebeck Eco-Initiative page to find out more.