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Lyme module - fall 2010 pilot

Here are the materials for your classroom to pilot! There is an online interactive story available here.  We've worked hard on the text and the interactives, but still have a lot of work to do in making it more visually appealing. However, before making the "final" version and improving the visual look of the module, we would like comments and feedback from students and teachers.  Each classroom participating in the pilot should complete the following assessments listed below.  Direct links for the assessments are found at the beginning and the end of the module. 
Assessments you will find in the module:
  • Before you begin the online lesson module, please have all students take the pre-assessment.  The link is found on page 2 of the module.
  • After your students have completed the online module in its entirety, please have students take the post-assessment found on page 73 of the module.  Then proceed to our short form for student and teacher feedback, also on page 73 of the module.
In addition, you will find links for lessons plans for schoolyard investigations that compliment this online module, should you want to expand the lesson in your classroom.  Links for these lessons can be found on page 3 of the module.