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Teaching Combined Grades 
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NEW!! Revised social studies curriculum supports combined grades. WATCH NOW!

Welcome to the site for teaching combined grades. This site is designed to be a resource for teachers as they prepare units and lessons.

Our focus is on Science & Technology and Social Studies/Geography and History.
This is an active site so teachers are invited to share ideas and collaborate with each other.

Follow the links above to view teaching strategies, unit plans, and other resources to support combined grades. Our strength is based on on our willingness to risk and share the unit plans, lessons and teaching learning strategies that we are using in our classrooms.

See this grade 3/4 sample template identifying common concepts and skills. 

See Grade 2/3 sample or Grade 7/8 sample shared at the Ministry Roll out..

To access more supports to see videos of teachers planning combined grades please visit the

Ontario Elementary Social Studies Teachers Association - Combined Grades. 

About Our Organization

We facilitate workshops for teachers of combined grades in the TDSB. In addition we are designing a process to support professional learning within schools. The trend to combined classes is increasing and the need for support continues to grow. That's where you fit in ...
Moving Forward (video and weblinks)

On the surface, teaching combined grades can be a challenge when you consider the range of your students and the extent of the curriculum expectations.

We are creating a process aimed at supporting teachers as they take a deeper look at the curriculum and transform their teaching practice to help students achieve academic success. 

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