Classroom questioning and voting (e.g., "clickers")


There are two folders of readings below.

Set 1: Best practices for implementing classroom voting. There are three short pieces in this set, which discuss the mechanics of how to implement classroom voting.

Set 2: What makes for a good question? The pieces in this set are focused on how to ask good questions.

Online resources

Resources for classroom voting (e.g., clickers) in mathematics. 

Free classroom voting systems

  • Plickers (students hold up cards, teacher scans the room with a cell phone to collect votes. Up too 100 votes at a time)
    To use LaTeX with Plickers, use these steps from Gerald:
  • Poll everywhere (students respond via cell phone or internet device—app, web, or text. Free plan is limited to 40 responses per poll)
  • (free,  web-based. Students respond via Internet device)
  • Socrative (web- or app-based. Up to 50 responses per poll for the free version)
  • "Analog" clickers: colored paper