Welcome to Teaching and Learning Canadian History!

I have created this website to share the many different resources I have found online and also have created myself to assist in teaching Canadian History. Canadian History can be viewed as being not fun and interesting and is usually never viewed as being a favourite subject. Yet it is mine, maybe not when I was in grade 7 or 8, but now as person who has studied and work in a museum, history is important and exciting to learn.

This website will be promoting Historical Thinking Skills and Concepts developed by Peter Seixas. Something that is now being pushed throughout Canada and other provinces are now picking up on it and introducing and writing it into the curriculum. These key concepts and ideas are important to the education of history because students are gaining a stronger understanding of what history is and how you should view and look at history.

So, I hope you find many great and helpful resources and I truly hope you bring fun and enjoyment to your history teaching through the help of this website!

(Image: http://tamasonline.com/index.php/2013/05/29/podcasts-2/ )