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Monday May 14th 2012

Author of Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn Alexandria Infante for Eternal Press. 


cruising some of the sites that I subscribe to I found myself wondering; why is it that because the internet offers some form of anonymity, people seem to just run with that? Then I postulated the question; why are near Erotic and Erotic Romance Writers treated differently? Almost as if we were branded with a scarlet A among the writing community, because they never take us seriously. Perfect example; I liked over 100 author pages on amazon as a favor to some fellow authors. Ya know how many people liked my page, and kept shouting for me to add tags? 16 flippin people. Is that some janky arse shite or what?

Well anyway, you would not believe some of the comments that I received when I posted this same question. I have changed the names of the kind folks that posted, because I'm not trying to hurt people's feelings, (well except for one tool who just wouldn't stop ranting!) :) its their opinions, and the great thing about America is that we are entitled to them.

 But I do feel that some of the things that they said were a bit harsh. But at the same time its good to get feedback from the public. Most of them have the misconception that all we erotic Romance novelist do is ply them with gratuitous sex, have no form, skills, hope of any kind of plot, goal for the writing, and our characters just aimlessly screw each other; and to this I do take OFFENSE. We as Romance, near Erotic and Erotic alike need to skool them, because we have substance, heart, talent, and everything else that a "Normal" fiction writer does.

C'mon fellow Erotic writers, let's storm the "Normal" fiction masses and show them what we can do!!! ;)

Some of the comments that were posted on the site...

M&A: wrote:

Interesting dilemma, Alexandria.I haven't read your books, but clearly you have put your heart and soul into them. I think there probably is a segment of the reading public that arbitrarily rejects the "erotic" label. Probably because of a perception that "erotic" is synonymous with gratuitous sex rather than what Faulkner referred to as the "heart" vs. "glands" in his Nobel Prize address. Can an erotic novel have pretensions to art? Of course it can in the hands of a serious novelist. Think Lady Chatterley's Lover. A marvelous novel, ahead of its time,though it would likely have been categorized "erotic" had it been written today. Now here's a bit of irony for you to ponder. I first read this as a young teenager in the "expurgated" version. Ran into a lot of asterisks. But it had great power as a love story. Some years later, when the ban was lifted, I read the "unexpurgated" version. Maybe it was dated by then, but I found some of the dialogue (passages like "F___k a flame") a little ridiculous. In the end, I thought the expurgated version was a better novel. What was left to the imagination was more powerful than some of the explicit passages. I think that is something for every serious novelist (such as yourself), writing in the erotic genre, to weigh carefully. 

Dickweed wrote:

 I find it difficult to take, any writer that uses 'kinda', 'lil', 'cuz', 'shud' (etc) too seriously - but, maybe, I am just an old British dinosaur ! (No offence meant) !( yea he is, but he should have tried punctuation first tee-hee.)

K&C wrote:

I think it depends. I imagine fans of the genre will take the writers seriously but there does seem to be a bit of a stigma on it. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of it. I don't mind if there are erotic scenes in books, but in erotic novels that I've read, it seems that the big goal is to get two people into bed. And that's what the genre is about I know. But that's not what I read a book for. I also think that the genre has been hampered in the past a bit by some poor writing and hackneyed or cookie cutter plots. That could be changing, things becoming more sophisticated in the genre. So I do think in the writing world in general, the genre might still be looked down a bit, but I don't think that's necessarily fair. It has an audience and if the writing is good, it should be as respected for what it's supposed to be. 

L&M wrote: 

Yeah, I gotta say Alan (yeah, that's right, I typed "gotta"...hell not to mention "Yeah"), if offence (in America we spell it offense so you're spelling is really upsetting my spell check) was not meant, why say it? Obviously these are informal discussions in an online chat format, not book proposals or resumes. And please, don't get me started on British English. Much as I love things British, when I was there in the 80s, there were times I needed the Universal Translator just to understand people. After all, it wasn't Americans who created rhyming slang. I know the British think they invented English, but they didn't. They appropriated it from about 80 different other cultures thousands of years ago and slapped their own brand name on it when it started coming together in the form of a language. American English is just another branch of the tree.

Having said that, Alexandria, your stuff (yeah Alan, I typed "stuff") sounds interesting. If I have a complaint with the erotic genre it's with those books that put aside plot and character development for sex scenes. But you seem to have a pretty good balance. It's nice to have a strong female character too. I think one of the things affecting the respectability of the genre is the Harlequin Romance sort of work which I think a lot of people think of when they think romance or erotic fiction. They do seem a bit "assembly line." Maybe writers like you can bring some legitimacy to the genre. :) 

A&P wrote:

As a writer of erotic stories, I can tell you from the feedback I get on, people do take you seriously.

  So guys, just thought I'd share a few with you out there. I'll keep you posted with updates ;)

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Tuesday April 17th

The Next Book to be Released Aug 1st 2012 @

A Lad's Trousers

Zalanthea is a runaway slave but not by choice. While emptying chamber pots she’s attacked by a Union Soldier, and in the process of defending herself she kills him accidentally. She knows that unless she flees she’ll be dead by morning, so she steals the town’s drunk’s clothes to disguise herself as a boy.

     Thinking her a lad Mr. Wooldridge offers her a job on board ship, because the boy looks as if he hasn't eaten in days. Zayla believes he’s the Captain and follows him aboard the large ship. She’s surprised when Wooldridge delivers her to the captain, and she realizes just why he’s been dubbed the name Stone. The piercing gray eyes say all that he doesn’t. Yet she can’t help but feel an instant attraction towards him.

    Zayla takes to ship life, but is plagued by nightmares. In the midst of one of these nightmares Stone stumbles from his bed to wake the screaming boy. As he tries to comfort the crying boy he suddenly realizes that he is a she. Not only is Stone stunned, but now he’s embarrassed because in his haste to get to the boy he forgot his under things....


And you can also still buy Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn @ EternalPress, Amazon, Barnes& Nobel; and where ever eBooks are sold

     Arieanna’s life right now seemed nearly complete. Her career was soaring, she had a family who adored her, and her students loved her. Life was simple and uncomplicated. That is until she met Auron.
Arieanna doesn’t know that Auron has been sent by a secret priesthood of Saint Cisadore, and is actually there to protect her, the descendant of Ast’ at all cost. His number one objective is to keep her book from entering the hands of the wrong people, in spite of the fact that it might cause his own death.
     Although exiled nearly two centuries ago, Auron knows if that book gets to Jimmy Mann, all hell will break lose. Centuries of war will then spill onto a human battle ground, and the Council will do whatever it takes to keep that from happening.
The legend says Arieanna holds the key to the location of Ast’s infamous book of magick; the only problem is that she doesn’t know it.

Monday March 19, 2011

Should Race Matter when it comes to Genre?

    I was leafing through blogs today, and came across this blog called blogher, which I later found out was a sister of blogger. Anyway, it was by a woman named Laina Dawes and she posited this;

    Over the past decade or so, many people of color found that the heavily marketed romance novels contained stories and situations that did not reflect their personal experiences. With Fabio on the cover clutching a willowy blonde in his arms, served as a reflection that the contents of the book were directed towards a market that didn't include them.

        Most of the post was on African-American writers, and how what was early on the scene like Terry McMillan only reflected mostly Black middle class, that didn't reflect the true lives of African-Americans. There we went our separate ways, because every African-American did not grow up in a violence fill neighborhood. I was surprised at some of the answers that she got to this post, but I wanted to join in at the same time; because she did raise some good questions. I feel some of the stuff that she said  I could agree with, but at the same time, why should I be defined by my race? Being a writer is who I am and my race Should Not matter.   For those of you who don't know,  my book Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn was published on Aug 7th of 2011 for Eternal Press, and it was a hard row to hoe. I write interracial romance, and it took me forever to get this book published.

       I love the Paranormal, but I didn’t see myself reflected in the works that I read; and if I did it was a side character, a supporting character, or a villain; so I thought I’d write my own. Being multi-racial (Puerto Rican, Cuban, Native American, Irish and African-American) I wanted to see a character like me, and the fact that this is rare spurred me on. Authors like me tend to get pigeon holed into one specific genre like Minority literature, Latina, African-American, or Ethnic, who hardly ever move out of that to become main stream; and I think that this is completely unfair. I hoped by writing what I believe the genre should encompass, people would see the book for the story and negate the race of the character; that being, anyone could place themselves in the shoes of the character, not just someone of a minority background.

       However, I find the fact that we have to be billed as African American, Native American, Latina, or Asian almost contemptible. When I walk into a book store seeking a book on Milton or Shakespeare, it isn't billed as "old ass British White dude", ( and don't get me wrong, I love my classics. I just started teaching Literature and Art History) but I think that its sad that we as minorities must be displayed that way. Love is love, and color shouldn't matter when it comes to affairs of the heart. I write paranormal romance, and the fact that my characters are Scottish wolves and British vamps who have a thang for color, shouldn't matter one way or the other when dealing with love and romance. Having a multiracial character who speaks Spanglish, and has a ghetto side, if that's what you want to call it, has gotten me a few harsh reviews for the book. My entire series, 12 books so far, each have a main male character that is of a different race; from Japanese, to African and white, to Romanian, to Native American and so on; because true love is color blind, even if people still don't accept that.

       It is in my opinion, that many times white America will look at a book and say "Oh, that's a black writer, or a Latin writer" and they believe that they have nothing in common with the character, so they can't see themselves reading the book. This is completely biased, because we as minorities do it everyday. As far as publishing is concerned 90% of their business comes from white America, which is the reason that minority authors have such a hard time getting their works published, and if they do its almost stagnate in its movements.

       Unfortunately, many Publishing companies continue to hold onto that bullshite antiquated idea that the average soccer mom/ house wife, (mostly who romance novels are aimed at) won't want to read a book like that, unless its Jorge the pool boy, or Malik the thug that happens to be very articulate to her surprise, and tutors her daughter (but it is acceptable for her to have some secret fantasy about either one, because that is not openly interracial dating. It's just a lil nookie on the side). It all goes back to that taboo system, and even in the 21st century, people are still too terrified to touch it. But I notice that when it comes to books, only minorities have their race put out before their name even appears. I shouldn't have to be billed by Latina author, Native American author, or black author. I am a writer, and that is all that should matter.

      These were just some random thoughts that i had about the post and wanted to share. Hope i didn't bore you guys too much lol.

   I can't wait to see the reviews that I get for my new book A Lad's Trousers, because its set in the 1800s and the main male character is a White northern Aristocrat. :) I'm lovin that!

 Alie out! :)

Feb. 24, 2012


    What a wonderful day this is for me today! So I've been bummed all this week because of one of the reviews that i got for Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn (you can read it on the blog).

     So anyway, even wit this not so good review hanging over my head, I persevered, and my friends and Fam have been amazing in encouraging me. So I'm checking my email this morning, and low and behold. I get an email from my publishing company. I had submitted another book for publication some time ago, and since I hadn't heard from them; I figured it was a no go. Well, to my complete surprise, I got an email this morning from them informing me that they would love to publish the book, with attachments of contract and author review!! Well if that doesn't beat all get out!

      Needless to say, I am so excited, and whatever I've been feeling lately is completely evaporated! I guess if you put out good Karma, you get it back!!! :)

New: Interviews and Guest Blogs @:

Thursday Feb. 23, 2012

Re: Is it safe to say Post 2/22/12

Omg! This is hysterically funny, but not. Okay, so I am assuming that the Review Cite Bitten By Paranormal Romance came to Facebook and Read my Note Entitled "Is it Safe To Say That, Just Like Bobby Bushay's Mamma, "Reviewers Are of The devil?

This is what they Posted On their Blog!

As the owner of this blog most of you never hear from me about anything, but something has happened and well, I have to say it’s pissed me off to no end. So, here is my rant below.

I am here today to inform everyone that I took off a review of Between Midnight and Dawn because the author called my reviewer the devil. I AM HERE TO SAY THESE REVIEWS ARE OUR OPINIONS, IF YOU DON'T WANT OUR OPTIONS THEN DON'T SEND THE REQUEST. You have no clue the work we put into reading books and reviewing them for freaking free!

 I’ll say this once if you don’t like my blog or my reviewers you don’t have to visit here and as the owner I can take off any post I want, so piss off.

To this author please don't come back.

First off, I never said that any of their Reviewers were the Devil, especially not by their names. Second, if they would have actually read yesterday's note in it's entirety, not just the header; they would have seen that I asked if it was safe to say reviewers in general, and I did not name the Reviewer Artemis as the Devil! Wow this is funny, but not. This is what I said about the review;and just like what the Reviewer wrote, this is my opinion as well. I mean come on? Seriously?

This is what I wrote for those of you that haven't read it yet;

So I'm quite sure that from this adage, you can obviously get it that I got a not so nice review for the book. I think I would have been okay with her just saying that she didn't like it, and maybe one or two points why she didn't; but I feel like it was not only an attack on the book itself, but me as a person as well. I'm mean yeah, as an author you can't expect everyone to like what you do, write, sing, or act, because c'mon each of these are a form of Art, and Art is subjective; but I do think that there is a way to disagree with someone with out being spiteful, full of disdain, or just plain rude. But what hurts the most, is that just like their reviews, the books themselves are not only our life's dream, but our bread and butter as well.

I don't see anywhere here where I called the reviewer the Devil? It was a title catch phrase, to my friends and family, because we watch the Water Boy Religiously, and I knew that they would find it hysterical.

Think Its a guilty conscious because I also wrote this, which is what the owner of the site is referring to below;

Me: Wow, I went back to the cite later, and found that the one from the above woman, who worked at a publishing company was deleted!! Wow, okay so lucky for me I copied it lol.

I can't find it anywhere!!! Omg, they erased what she said on Good reads as well. Think its a conspiracy hahah?  It was really good too. She called the reviewer childish and spiteful. Think that's why it got erased? And they took off the button where the readers can comment on her review. (And this was true, because like 5 or 6 ppl tried it and sent me back responses.)

This is what the owner of the Cite Published on her Blog in response to what i wrote.

Here's the comment I wouldn't publish and no I didn't make the post where you couldn't comment again that's a flat out lie, but I did take off the post after I seen the author called reviewers of the devil. If anyone notices this person has never read the book and she is from the publishing company.

By; Nina Simone

(no relation to the amazing singer lol)

Wow, is all that I can say. I happen to be on facebook, and saw that the author of the book actually put this on her page, and I was shocked that she would put this out there for people to see.

That being said, I wasn't sure what was going on here. I read the excerpt from her book, and myself found it kinda interesting. However, the reason that I'm posting, is for an entirely different matter.

I myself work in the publishing business, so I won't say that I am a expert ( well yeah I am lol) but I was quite astounded at the Artemis' review. 

I wasn't sure what rubbed her the wrong way; whether it was the concept of history and mythology, or the fact that the author used ethnic slangs, British slangs,( because that's what they were, at least the parts that I read, Scottish is a completely other world language hahah), the fact that the author chose to spell certain words so that, I am assuming that the reader would keep in mind that the wolves were Scottish; or the curse words? (I mean c'mon, what paranormal doesn't have an overly extended use of the F' bomb?)

As well, was it because the author appears to be of Latin decent, I am presuming because of the last name. Now, I can completely understand the reviewer not liking the work, because in this business we get all kinds lol, but I was kinda turned off by what she wrote;


"The second of these reasons was the flow and ebb of the story. During the first half of it, I felt like I was sitting in a Lycan History 101 class which was being served up with a side of Egyptian Myth Intro….snore…zzzzz." 

This actually makes me want to read the book lol, to see if her review has any validity to it.

My point is this; we in this business tend to often times set ourselves up as sitting demi-gods, who have the power to say yea or nae (myself included), and we sometimes miss the concept that this is someone's life's dream, whether well written or not.


I fell like a simple "I didn't get this book", "The story moved too slow for me", or "I JUST DIDN'T LIKE", would have worked just as well. To me, the reviewer Artemis sounded a bit Spiteful and Childish.

Inasmuch as the review meant, I assume to discourage people from reading this book, I believe Artemis did the exact opposite, and for that I'm glad for the author. I plan on contacting her and asking for a copy myself.

But then, that's JMO, and you know what they say about those...:) 


My response to this is; I have no clue who this woman is, because she surly doesn't work at my publishing company; just ask Kim Richards CEO and Editor and Chief and she'll tell you that she doesn't; so I'm not sure what she meant by she was my publisher. As well, the chapters that the Reviewer ripped are on my website, so I am assuming she read them from there. I haven't heard from her yet, Nina Simone lol,) but I won't lie that her comment made me feel a hellava lot better after I was ripped to shreds by the reviewer.

To end this all, because is this really even happening? I'm kinda still in shock, but this is what the Owner of the Cite wrote last.

I will never tolerate anyone trashing any of my reviewers because no one knows the time that we put into a reviews. I will say its time that is taken from out lives just to try something you may not like or like. Then to receive stuff like this, I think not. Lord only knows why I keep this blog going.....

And to this, I Alexandria Infante says; maybe now they see how much reviews like what was written actually causes pain. Because It was never my, intention to start any kind of controversy, imply that they were the devil ( because it was a fricken inside joke, my kids will testify to that), or be black listed on their Cite.


Wednesday Feb. 22, 2012

Isaac Asimov Said;

    “Rejection slips, or form letters, however tactfully phrased, are lacerations of the soul, if not quite inventions of the devil – but there is no way around them.” And I believe this to be completely true, but I would also add reviewers with no tact to the list as well.

    So I'm quite sure that from this adage, you can obviously get it that I got a not so nice review for the book. I think I would have been okay with her just saying that she didn't like it, and maybe one or two points why she didn't; but I feel like it was not only an attack on the book itself, but me as a person as well. I'm mean yeah, as an author you can't expect everyone to like what you do, write, sing, or act, because c'mon each of these are a form of Art, and Art is subjective; but I do think that there is a way to disagree with someone with out being spiteful, full of disdain, or just plain rude. But what hurts the most, is that just like their reviews, the books themselves are not only our life's dream, but our bread and butter as well.

An excerpt of what Artemis the reviewer wrote:

The constant mispronunciation of words got on my last nerve along with the overuse of the word “fucken”.

The second of these reasons was the flow and ebb of the story.  During the first half of it, I felt like I was sitting in a Lycan History 101 class which was being served up with a side of Egyptian Myth Intro….snore…zzzzz. Review by Artemis of Bitten by Paranormal Romance...

My silver lining in this, is that there were actual readers who responded to her review. They were great, so I thought I'd put one in lol....

Arron Hernandez said...

 I could see how you might get bored of the history aspect of the story if you're A. not a fan of mythology, and B. not an academic-oriented individual. But there is supposed to be a sense of objectivity so that others can potentially identify with you when reviewing a literary work - whether the person (obviously, in this case) doesn't like the storyline or not.

    When considering the way in which grammar is often utilized or manipulated to make a point throughout a literary work, it's pretty obvious what the writer was attempting to emphasize with the grammatical choices she made throughout the book and the way in which she highlighted the foreign accents. If this was a legitimate issue, the publishing company - any publishing company for that matter - wouldn't take on such a work or attempt to publish it on such a wide scale. Whether the reader is too simple-minded to comprehend this or not is a completely different story. It's obvious that in undertaking the task of reviewing such a fact-filled literary work, the prowess that cultures like ancient Egypt and Scotland is indicative of was definitely not taken into consideration.

    When I read the book, I was not only able to grasp the storyline and the passion that was displayed by the characters, as well as the passion displayed by the author in creating them, but even if passages were long-winded on occasion, Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn was filled with ample amounts of action, history, and wit - whether you paid attention to it or not.

    To conclude, I just hope that the author knows that as a reader, the content of her novel and vivid storyline of the supernatural that she aimed to portray was well-received among those of us that actually looked into the heart of the story to understand what it was truly about. And you can take that to the "fucken" bank.

I was of course happy to see this... :)

Tuesday, 7 February, 2012

New Trailer& Interviews

Well hey thar...

been kinda busy, and got caught up in writing. Book Two is ready for publication, so hopefully it will be out in November. Book Two is Teach Me the Night, and you can find not only the blurb, but the trailer here on the Cite. Check it out, and tell me what you think!!

Thanks a Bunch Guys, Alie :)

The Holidays,


    Today is a new day, whoot hoot. Lost of writing to do today, because since i decided to push back book 11 and make it 12, I have loads of RESEARCH to do for the new book lol, but i love it anyway.
    I'm happy today, because I'm doing two online interviews, and this is sooo much fun. When i finish and they have posted I'll let you guys know about it.
The site came out really good after I took some suggestions from a fellow writer; and i can say that she hit it the nail on the head, and I'm enjoying it better as well.
   The new trailers are up, and I should have the ones up for the Historical ones up sometime next week. With this being the holiday season so much is to be done, so sometime with demands from family this stuff can get backlogged.
    But anyway I'm pretty happy with the trailers.  Can you guess which shot is of me at 17 lol?
I used my daughters and nieces for the main female characters, and this was so fun.
My oldest daughter was shocked, but she loved it anyway.
    So check out the site ( and see the new trailers.
Not to mention they are so kewl to make. I want people to see what I see, that love has no color, that love is just that; LOVE.
    Romance for me encompasses this completely and totally.
   Although this site is for updates on the Teaching series, for those of you who like Contemporary Women's fiction, and Historical Period pieces, the site has those for y'all as well.
Check Out Educating Lies, A Slow Time to Love, or A Lad's Trousers
I had such a great time writing these, because they were outside of my normal writing; so I just ran with it and had fun with it.
     Just so the people out there know, my main female characters are of mixed race (eg. African-America/white, Japanese/Irish/African-American, Romanian/African-American) so being of mixed blood myself, I write from that perspective. But I totally hope that this will not deter you from reading my books, watching my trailers, or buying my books; because a good story is just that; regardless of race.
At least that's the way that I feel...
Have a great Holiday season, and don't for get to give...

New authors, writers, unpublished, published and anything in between...

So, I decided to write a paranormal book from my own cultural perspective. I'm Latin (Puerto Ricania/ Cubanita), Irish, African-American and Native American. Yet, I wanted my characters to reflect who I was, but incorporate other cultures as well. My books center on the myths of Ast`/the Egyptian Goddess Isis, Osiris, Horus both Elder and Infant, Thoth, the Underworld, the legends of the first wolf King linked to Romulus and Remus, the Goddess Sekhmet, the Japanese Sun Goddess, Finnish and Keltic legends, Ancient Church societies like the Brotherhood, the Avantes and Flaminie, Wyatt and Surrey, , Spartacus, Merlin, Shamanistic Rituals and the legend of the ancient Blackfeet; and Teaching. I've written 10 1/2 paranormals so far, (Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn Series) 3 Historical Romance, and 1 Contemporary Women's fiction. My first book to be published was Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn by Eternal Press on Aug 7th of this year.

Anyway, I thought that I would take what we know of the paranormal genre, and instead of making the main character like this kick ass detective, hunter, or private dick; I decided to throw a bunch of teachers in the mix, who had historical knowledge of what vampires, wolves and ghosties were all about; but would never in a million years believe it was true.

This my friends was...the...hardest...idea to sell to anyone!

Lol, but finally I did. I got a bunch of rejection letters that were both painful and insightful; but I will say that the most hilarious one that I got (won't embarrass the editor because she wasn't prejudice, just more like ignorant; and she apologized profusely later) was from this company, who looked at my last name (INFANTE`) and assumed that the accents that my Scottish werewolves have were actually typos. She said that the book was very entertaining, but she was very concerned about my language skills, then suggested that I take an English as a second language course. Needless to say, I laughed hysterically, sent her an email back and told her that not only was I a teacher, but the characters had accents.

After that, my sister gave me this lil book called, "Dirty Rotten Rejections," and I still laugh every time that I think about that one. The book was very uplifting, and told of the plights that other very well known authors went through. Huckleberry Fin was rejected 35 times, E.T, 28, and a host of others. I bet the studios who rejected E.T are still kickin their own asses! hahaha!

I wanted to start this blog because although we live in the 21st century, there are vast wrongly sighted stereotypes, labels, ethnic discrimination and beliefs that continue to be perpetuated out there in the real world. The very idea that a publishing company would think that the average soccer mom wouldn't want to read my book, because the main female character is Half Caucasian and Half African seems preposterous to me. But many of the editors that I have spoken to in the last five years swear that this is true. They themselves are in no way prejudice ( at least they didn't sound like it), it is just that this is still a business; and they want to be able to market what the know they can sell, (Hence Twilight. I have no prob wit Steph, I'm just not a fan. But I am a fan of her popularity, hook a sustah up Steph!)

Notwithstanding, at the same time, I think it is equally unfair to be pigeonholed into one specific section ( like because I'm mixed my books should be in either the African-American section, or the Latina. This stems from that antediluvian idea of that ole`"One Drop" rule bollix that continues to be preserved.

This blog is not only about my books, but it is also for those of you who feel like I do, and want to vent lol, or just talk and swap ideas about the paranormal genre and what we think would make it even better than it already is. Paranormal and many of its origins; Voodoo, Necromancy, Mystic entrancement, Sangria, Wicca, Magick, Voulrdoron and a host of others; as well as the ancient spiritual workings that originated to begin with that many subscribe to today are not from Americans. So to classify them as one specific forum seems like complete bollix to me. Remember, America, Spain, as well as Rome wanted to stamp out anything that wasn't of a Christian/Catholic edict. :(

Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn Excerpt;

Arieanna never thought in her wildest dreams that she, would fall in love with a Lycan; let alone believe that they even existed! It went against everything that she had ever been taught to believe. She had never once given them any credence. The things that go bump in the night were just that, and she wanted it to stay that way too!  But just one touch from him, and everything changed. The way that his hands seemed to drawn something expected from her, to the way that his eyes seemed to smolder every time he looked at her. She had been safe and sound in her own lil chromatic world.  Until he turned her safe little world upside down, and unleashed something in her, that she even herself feared…

    “Love me.” She suddenly whispered closing her eyes, and he
continued to stare up at her shocked. Did he dare? He hadn’t made
love like that in centuries! He could feel and smell pack in her, and
it was exhilarating to him! Could he even control it? She was human
and not herself, but the pack smell continued to get stronger.
He breathed it in again, and it sent a shock of electricity up his
spine, and he gasped.

He tried to push her back, but she whispered his name. He
felt his beast stir, and what control he had left him as she looked
down on him. He took her to that same alcove, and pushed her
to the ground a bit roughly.

He could smell her lust on the air mixed with pack, and he
ripped the coat off her, then her tee-shirts. She ripped his shirt
open, and then…

ah, ah, ahh, check out the book to finish this juicy scene lol!

Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn

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Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn

Well hello thar,

Its been a while, but in that time I have a bunch of new stuff to report. I'm excited to say that by book is finally out there on the market, and I must say that I'm very proud of it. I have gotten some amazing reviews, and one not so, but hey, you live and learn. I can say that I was a lil heart broken by that one, but I take it with a grain of salt, because it is you my fans that mean the most to me; and who's opinions that really matter to me. So, you can find the book @ Eternal, in both Print, Reader, Kindle and Pdf. I hope you guys love it as much as i did writing it. Stay tuned for Book two in the Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn Series, and I gave you a lil snippet at the end of book one.
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Alexandria Infanté

Alexandria Infanté's creative writing and short stories are something she has always loved, even from an early age. She wrote her first Shakespearean tragedy, which was exactly that at the age of 16, and loved it regardless.
Alexandria has a B.A. in English Literature/Art History; with a Minor in Mythology and History, now petitioning for a Master’s program at U.C.L.A.

She lives in sunny California, where she is a native, and has five amazing children, three of whom are in college. Alexandria has always loved vampires and werewolves; and it just rocks her boat to be able to write about them. 

Alexandria currently writes for EternalPress; A division of Damnation Books, LLc.

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Arieanna’s life right now seemed nearly complete. Her career was soaring, she had a family who adored her, and her students loved her. Life was simple and uncomplicated. That is until she met Auron. Arieanna doesn’t know that Auron has been sent by a secret priesthood of Saint Cisadore, and is actually there to protect her, the descendant of Ast’ at all cost. His number one objective is to keep that book from entering the hands of the wrong people, in spite of the fact that it might cause his own death. Although exiled nearly two centuries ago, Auron knows that if that book gets to Jimmy Mann, all hell will break lose. Centuries of war will then spill onto a human battle ground, and the Council will do whatever it takes to keep that from happening. The legend says that Arieanna holds the key to the location of Ast’s infamous book of magick; the only problem is, is that she doesn’t know it.

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