Chapter 1: Running with the Literacy Stampede

"You're standing in a large field minding your own business when you

hear rumbling sounds in the distance... You wonder if it is thunder you

hear approaching, because it's a beautiful cloudless day, you dismiss this

notion... Instantly you become panicked because at that exact moment it

dawns on you that the rumbling you're hearing is the sound of hundreds

of wild bulls stampeding over the ridge... They are clearly faster than

you and there is no time to escape. What should you do? Survival

experts recommend only one of the following actions (Gallagher, 2006):

A) Lying down and curling up, covering your head with your arms

B) Running directly at the bulls, screaming wildly and flailing your arms in an attempt to scare them in another direction.

C) Turning and running like heck in the same direction the bulls are running (even though you know you can't outrun them)

D) Standing completely still; they will see you and run around you

E) Screaming bad words at your parent(s) for insisting on a back-to-nature vacation in Wyoming

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