B.1. Learn Researching On Your Own

Each of these tools offers a different approach to learning information researching.

  • Road to Research   [Via the Internet Archive]
    Originally developed in the UCLA College Library and the UCLA Social Science Computing Center. Online information literacy tutorial with pretests, lessons, interactive exercises, videos, and quizzes in four modules that correspond to the elements of a basic definition of "information literacy": Starting Points (identify), Find It! (locate), Judge for Yourself (evaluate), and Road Etiquette (use information effectively and responsibly). When UCLA students logged in, their Pretest and Quiz scores were recorded. Instructors could check class rosters for Pretest and Quiz scores by clicking on "Administration" in the bottom green part of any tutorial page and logging in with their UCLA logon IDs. 
  • Assignment Calculator   [Via the Internet Archive]
    Adapted from the University of Minnesota's original tool by the UCLA College Library and the UCLA Social Science Computing Network. Interactive site where students can enter assignment due dates and get a suggested researching schedule, with links to useful research tools and information.
  • Research Paper Planner 
    Pierce College Library web page listing the basic research steps, with links to help materials. [Note: Adapted from the original UCLA College Library webpage, currently available through the Internet Archive.]