Q.1. Google Search Options

CAVEAT: All research tools have limitations, including licensed databases and free online tools like those illustrated below. Peter Jacso describes some of these problems in his November 1, 2009 Library Journal article, "Google Scholar's Ghost Authors."

For instance, he suggests doing a Google Scholar Advanced search by entering "login" in the Written By box. Asking students to do this kind of search can lead to a fruitful critical thinking discussion.


  1. Google Search Webinars archive, including topics like "predictive searching."
  2. Joyce Valenza's Google Search options image: Please wait for a display to appear below--a large image of many different Google search options. To go to one of  these options, hold the cursor over it until a red circle appears around it. Then click on it to open it in a separate web page--e.g.,Google Books, Google Scholar, Google Fast Flip (to display images of new stories).