8.2 Earth's Precious Resources ES3

ES3 Scientific knowledge influences the choices people make in regard to the use and management of the Earth's resources.


a. classify a range of the Earth's resources as renewable or non-renewable (ACSSU116) SE

b. outline features of some non-renewable resources, including metal ores and fossil fuels

c. describe uses of a variety of natural and made resources extracted from the biosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere

d. investigate some strategies used by people to conserve and manage non-renewable resources, eg recycling and the alternative use of natural and made resources SE

e. discuss different viewpoints people may use to weight criteria in making decisions about the use of a major non-renewable resource found in Australia PSCDD

f. outline the choices that need to be made when considering whether to use scientific and technological advances to obtain a resource from Earth's spheres EUSEPSC