notes from behind the Redwood Curtain

by Michael Mannix.  MATW.  Humboldt State University.  Fall 2007

         as prepared for English 600 with Professor David Stacey

 Writing is knowledge.  Writing is action. Writing is transformation.

Writing is the most powerful weapon of those who seek social change. You see, I do believe that is possible to dismantle at least part of the master’s house with the master’s tools, and I aim to provide students with the blueprint that will assist in that process.

I have never considered myself much of a scholar nor invested a great deal of time to purely academic pursuits. Nonetheless, here I am in the Masters in Teaching Writing program, where I hope to not only continue to develop professionally, but incorporate a variety of strategies that allow me to continue teaching in the interests of social justice while maintaining a curriculum that will motivate students and inspire lifelong learning.

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Position as Scholar

Position as Teacher


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