Tools to help organize and display your assignments, your ideas, schedule, etc.:


Helps teachers create an online calendar to post assignments so that students and parents can stay informed by viewing the day-to-day homework, due dates for assignments and test dates.

About Assign-A-Day

Calendarios Web

Embed a Spanish calendar in your website by pasting the embed code.

Google Calendar

An online interactive calendar that helps one manage all of life's activities and schedule events, appointments and assignments all in one place.

Videos for Google Calendar are available in the Google Apps page.


An interactive calendar that can even be shared with others and which can even be translated into other languages.


A great site that allows users to print out and use all sorts of charts, calendars, timetables, etc.


Helps create tools that enables one to stay organized. You need a .edu email address to register as it is targeted towards university students.

Graphic Organizers


Enables one to make "mindmaps" online by brainstorming with others in real-time or all by yourself. The final product can be posted online for others to enhance and improve the existing model.

Sample MindMap: Diversity in Education

MindMeister in Language Teaching


Similar to MindMeister, however, more useful for technical drawings and flow-charts. Multiple users can enhance and contribute towards refining the diagrams and non-verbal ideas.

Gliffy Intro

Another site that allows users to brainstorm online. Features Blog Basics


Prezi Student/Teacher Licenses