Technology Tutorials for Teachers

Technology is becoming a very vital part of our lives. In this digital age, we should make use of these technological tools in our classrooms. More and more schools are adopting technology as a resource for teaching. Some tools can be used for instruction and some can be used to assess the knowledge gained by students.

However, we need to face the reality that not every teacher is provided with a technology-equipped classroom. In such cases, teachers will have to find some resources on their own. There are many free web-based tools that are available on the Internet, which can be easily integrated into lessons and are accessible to everyone.

In my wiki 'Using Free Web-based Tools in the LOTE classroom', I had introduced educators to various web-based tools that they could use in their instruction. I had also provided examples in order to help teachers see what the final product would look like. I consider this website, 'Technology Tutorials for Teachers', as an extension. My aim in creating this website was to provide educators with a platform where they could find all the information about how to create the web-based tools. The website contains video tutorials for many of the tools and it also has links to the Support and Help sections of the tools. I hope that this will help teachers and their students to actually create educational products in their classes.

Since this is a work in progress, I will continue to add more tutorials. If you would like me to find tutorials on some specific tool, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help.


Seema Sumod

World Languages Department

Plainview-Old Bethpage Middle School

121 Central Park Road

Plainview, NY 11803


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