About Me

Currently, I work at Lexington High School as an Instructional Technology Coach, and before my current gig  I worked in Acton-Boxborough Regional School District as the Curriculum Coordinator for Technology.  I love using technology with education because I really believe it can make instruction and learning more effective and dynamic.  I don't believe in tech for tech's sake, though.  Tech has to serve a purpose first and foremost.  In fact, sometimes I believe we fall for the bells and whistles of tech, without realizing we are just doing the same thing we've always done but with a little more pizzaz!.
I have been in education for over 20 years and using technology throughout all of it.  In 1994 I taught fifth grade and created a school newspaper using MS Word, if you can believe that ! I taught the freshmen writing seminar as a teaching fellow at B.C. while getting my M.A in English, and then in 1996, I officially started my high school teaching career.  We had one computer lab in the school, and we calculated our grades by hand!  After one year of doing that with my poor math skills, I found a calculating gradebook program, purchased it with my own money and never looked back.  I began using Google docs in 2007 with my students and hounded my poor principal to get accounts for the students (didn't happen!).